Manufactured with 5mm fiberglass & Q235 steel in Dinis, antique carousel for sale is a high quality spinning ride. Commonly, this high quality vintage carousel ride is popular among businessmen who do a carousel ride business in amusement parks, mall and fair, etc. For businessmen, all kinds of antique carousel horses for sale designed for kids and adults in Dinis are suitable for their business. These vintage carousel amusement park rides bring many businessmen a good income. Thus, when you decide to do an amusement attraction business, FRP merry go round vintage is a best choice.


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What materials can we use to manufacture vintage merry go round ride parts?

When you buy an antique carousel for sale, it is necessary thing for you to know more vintage merry go round parts. However, what parts are in the antique merry go round? Merry go round ride parts include horse-shaped seats or other animal seats, different material floor, bottom circumference, pole, center column, hanging pole, steel stirrup, lamp shade, cornice, inner roof, umbrella top, gourd tip, led light, motor, metal pedal, control box and so on.

What material used to produce these parts? These vintage merry go round kiddie ride parts are manufactured by best materials: FRP, Q235 steel, and PVC material. In our company, antique carousel for sale’s horse-shaped seats are fiberglass material. And its vintage floor is anti-corrosion wood material. Besides, vintage merry go round ride’s pole is steel and aluminum color tube, and central column is fiberglass material. Certainly, antique carousel horse lamp shade is also fiberglass, and its umbrella top is PVC material. In short, our vintage playground merry go round is high quality, and you can use it for many years.

Top 3 using ways of antique carousel rides will help you get more business

When you do an antique carousel ride business, there are top 3 ways to help you do antique carousel ride for sale business well.

36 seats antique carousel for sale for amusement park business

If you start an amusement park business, we suggest that you buy 36 seats vintage merry go round for sale. Why? Because 36 seats vintage carousel ride area size is 10*10m, which is very suitable for fairground. More importantly, this 36 seats antique carousel amusement park ride for sale manufactured with FRP material has many big horses and small horses for adults and kids. So both adults and kids can ride on vintage carousel ride at the same time in your amusement park. Moreover, if you are strong, you buy can teacup ride, swing ride, self control plane for your fairground business.

16 seats antique Christmas carousel for mall business

For your mall business, you buy Christmas antique carousel horse for sale with 16 seats. Why to choose 16 seats vintage Christmas merry go round for your mall business? Decorated with luxury antique horses, colorful LED lights, and antique color wooden floor, 16 seats vintage Christmas merry go round is welcomed by kids and adults. Then, you buy 16 seats carousel ride for sale in Christmas for your mall, which will increase a festival atmosphere of your mall. To conclude, your shopping mall with vintage Christmas carousel ride attracts more customers.

6 seats vintage coin operated horse ride for fair business

If you are a businessman in the fair, now, listen to me. You can start your subsidiary business: 6 seats vintage coin operated horse ride in the fair. Frankly, 6 seats vintage coin operated merry go round has a coin operated device. And it is convenient for you to start a subsidiary business by side your main business. By the way, this antique fair ground rides for sale not only adds your income, but also attracts more customer for your main business. All in all, you buy our 6 seats vintage coin operated horse ride for your business, your earning is more than before.

Reliable & professional antique carousel for sale manufacturer-Dinis

Why do you choose reliable and professional manufacturer, Dinis, to buy carousel horse antique for sale?

As a professional and reliable vintage classic merry go round for sale manufacturer, SR uses 5 mm fiberglass and famous paint to produce these spinning horse rides. Thus, these antique carousel rides won’t fade in many years.

Our company, built more than 20 years, finishes many antique playground merry go round orders every year, so we have rich production experience.

We have a professional production group. By the way, these professional persons with professional certifications have strong sense of responsibility, careful, serious-minded.

Our company can provide you perfect pre-sale services and after-sale services. For example, customize carousel ride, vintage carousel ride’s installation guide and maintenance guide, etc.

All kinds of vintage carousel ride for sale are manufactured in our company. These spinning horse rides include vintage fair merry go rounds, antique playground merry go round, antique school merry go rounds for sale, merry go round antique mall, etc.

specification of antique merry go round for sale

Notes: this specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

3 seats 6 seats 12 seats 16 seats 24 seats 36 seats
Material FRP&Steel FRP&Steel FRP&Steel FRP&Steel FRP&Steel FRP&Steel
Diameter 1.4m 3.3m 5.3m 6m 8m 9.5m
Height 2.6m 2.8m 6.2m 6.8m 6.8m 8m
Motor Power 500w 1.1Kw 2.2Kw or 3Kw 2.2Kw or 3Kw 6Kw 7Kw
Voltage 220V 220V or 380V 220V or 380V 220V or 380V 220V or 380V 220V or 380V
Speed 0.8m/s 0.8m/s 0.8m/s 0.8m/s 1m/s 1m/s
Space Area 1.5m*1.5m 3m*3m 6.5m*6.5m 8*8m 9*9m 10*10m
Right investments

2 things that you should consider to choose a vintage carousel ride for your business

As you decide to start a vintage merry go round ride business, you hope that you buy a popular and easily-controlled merry go round for sale. However, how to choose? There are 2 things that you must know to choose antique carousel for sale for your business.

For different types, you know which one is suitable for your business.

There are upper transmission carousel horse vintage and lower transmission antique musical carousel in our company.

Upper transmission antique carousel ride is driven by the motor above to rotate. Then, its chassis is closer to the ground, which is easier to maintain and has less noise.

While, the lower transmission antique merry go round horse is that lower motor drives the rotary table to spin. Besides, its chassis has a tire, so it is far from the ground. According to above introduction, you maybe know how to choose a suitable type antique carousel for sale for business.

For different ages, you choose a suitable one for your business.

In Dinis, there are 3 horse antique carousel ride, 6 seats luxury antique merry go round ride. These two sizes carousel rides are specifically designed and manufactured for 3-8 years old children.

Therefore, when children ride it, they feel that they are prince and princess who ride a real horse in ancient. Certainly, for 8-16 years old kids, there are 12 seats and 16 seats antique carousel animals for sale.

These animal vintage carousel ride for sale makes 8-16 years old kids feel that they sit on different animal back to go on an adventure in the forest.

Besides, for over 16 years old kiddie and adults, there are carousel big size for sale, including 24 seats, 36 seats. To conclude, these different capacities antique carousel horses for sale, produced by Dinis manufacturer with 20 years experience, are suitable for your business.

To sum up, our antique carnival merry go round manufactured with 5mm fiberglass and Q235 steel is high quality. Thus, it is popular at home and abroad. Every year, our company exports antique carousel horses for sale UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc. What’s more, these vintage merry go round prices are affordable, which is suitable for your business. Thus, wherever you use vintage fairground carousel horse, it brings you a good income quickly.

Furthermore, as a professional amusement rides manufacturer, our company produces not only spinning horse ride (sea carousel ride, coin operated carousel ride), but also swing ride, tea cup ride for sale, electric trackless train, self control plane, waltzer ride, spinning pendulum ride, roller coaster, bumper car ride, inflatable castle, paratrooper ride, drop tower amusement ride, and so on. Certainly, if you are interested in our amusement equipment, please contact us to get more details.