Happy jellyfish ride is a small amusement equipment, and it combines colorful balloons and beautiful cabins. The happy jelly fish amusement ride can rotate, rise and fall like a samba balloon ride. In fact, the jellyfish ride is a smaller version of the flying chair, but it is more popular than flying chair rides. Because happy jellyfish spinning ride has a special appearance, cute jellyfish seats and decorations, and LED colorful lights. So it is commonly used in the amusement park, carnival, outdoor shopping mall, etc. Besides, there are 12 seats, 24 seats happy jellyfish amusement ride for sale in our company. These happy jellyfish spinning rides are manufactured by fiberglass and Q235 steel. Thus, our jellyfish rotary rides are high quality and theirs price is affordable. Certainly, our happy jellyfish amusement rides are free-maintenance spinning amusement rides, so you can easily maintain them.


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Which places can you use happy jellyfish amusement equipment?

Do you know where can you use happy jellyfish amusement rides? Certainly,  you can use happy jellyfish spinning rides  in the scenic area, children entertainment center, square, amusement park, mall, and so on. These places are also suitable for you to start a spinning rides business, including happy jellyfish, flying chair, merry go round, self-control plane, etc.

You can use happy jellyfish amusement ride in the amusement park

As we know, the amusement park is a good place to use happy jelly fish amusement ride. The happy jellyfish rotary ride has a special cute styles, many cute jelly fishes as cabin seats, and beautiful decorations on the central column. So the spinning ride is popular among young generations, especially 3-15 years old kids. When riding jellyfish amusement ride, they feel as free as a real jellyfish swimming in the sea. Therefore, if you buy a happy jellyfish amusement park ride, your park has more visitors every day.

Starting happy jelly fish amusement ride business in the carnival

You can use a happy jellyfish spinning ride to hold a business activity in the carnival. When the carnival is coming, your company holds an activity in the square. If you put carnival attractive spinning ride: happy jelly fish amusement ride and small spinning horse ride in the square. These happy jellyfish is suitable for you to attract people in the square. After a while, more and more people can be attracted. Then, you can sell your products well by using our happy jellyfish funfair ride.

Happy jellyfish ride for sale used in the shopping mall

Happy jellyfish kids ride is suitable for the shopping mall. Do you know why is it suitable for your shopping mall? The happy jelly fish is an attractive amusement ride, and it brings kids happy feeling and give children a happy experience. Especially, when adults shop in the mall, their children are bored to shop. Then, children can ride on the happy jellyfish small rides in the shopping mall freely and happily. After their playing, parents will carry them to go shopping. Certainly, if you are strong, you can build a children playground in the shopping mall.


How many sizes happy jelly fish amusement rides can you choose?

When you choose happy jelly fish rides for your park, you want to buy a suitable one. However, how many sizes happy jellyfish amusement ride can we provide? Our company provides you many styles happy jelly fish rides, including 12 seats jelly fish, 24 seats happy jelly fish amusement ride, and customized happy jellyfish amusement ride for sale. Thus, you can buy novel themes happy jellyfish rides that suitable for all places in our company.

12 seats happy jellyfish spinning ride

If you want to buy a small spinning ride, you can buy 12 seats happy jellyfish ride for sale. This 12 seats jellyfish amusement ride has 4 cabins, and there are 3 persons ride on every cabin. This style jellyfish kids ride has many small jelly fishes as cabins. Then, many jelly fishes on the top plate, and central column has some sea animal decorations. Therefore, it is very attractive and beautiful. In our company, there are 12 seats carnival happy jelly fish, 16 seats kids amusement park jelly fish ride, and other styles for sale in our company.

24 seats carnival happy jellyfish amusement ride

In our company, there are 24 seats carnival happy jellyfish amusement ride, 24 seats mall jellyfish ride for sale, 24 seats new design jelly fish amusement ride for sale. In general, 24 seats happy jelly fish amusement ride has 6 cabins, and there are 4 persons sit every cabin. Besides, this carnival happy jellyfish ride is specially designed for carnival activities. So it has luxury & smooth appearance and luxury decorations on its appearance. Certainly, if you want to buy large happy jellyfish for your park, there are 32 seats happy jellyfish spinning ride for sale.

happy jellyfish amusement park ride’s main parameter

Notes: this specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

Name  happy jelly fish kids ride
Capacity 24 persons
Height 5.5m
Voltage 380v
Power 12kw
Area Size 10m
Volume 40HQ

about production

How to manufacture happy jellyfish rides in our company?

Using fiberglass to produce happy jellyfish kids ride

In our company, our workers use the best materials to manufacture happy jellyfish spinning ride. For example, we use fiberglass to make its cabins and beautiful decorations. Fiberglass is a composite material, and it has many advantages: anti-water, anti-corrosion, light weight, etc. So our fiberglass happy jellyfish carnival ride has a smooth appearance and bright color. Although you use fiberglass happy jellyfish amusement ride for many years, it doesn’t fade.

We also use Q235 steel to make its frame in our company

Besides, we also use Q235 steel to make happy jelly fish amusement ride’s frame. Q235 ordinary carbon structural steel is also called A3 steel. Moreover, Q235 has moderate carbon content, good overall performance, good coordination of rebar specification strength, plasticity and welding properties. Therefore, it is suitable for amusement rides production.

Certainly, our production processes about happy jellyfish spinning rides are also perfect. In our company, our production process includes design, model, polish, painting, welded steel, install frame, motor, install seats, decoration, finished. Moreover, our professional persons carefully produce happy jellyfish ride step by step according to the production process. To conclude, our happy jellyfish amusement park rides are high quality, so you buy them in our company without worry.

5 tips to maintain happy jellyfish ride for sale

If you hope that jellyfish amusement ride is safe, you must maintain it on time. There are 5 tips for you to maintain happy jellyfish amusement equipment well. Certainly, if you do it following the principle, the happy jellyfish will has a long life.

  • 1

    You should regularly overhaul the gears, shafts and other components of funfair ride happy jellyfish. Then, summarize them into documents and records. If there is any abnormality, please report to the superior in time.

  • 2

    You check the happy jellyfish’s parts that need to be lubricated, and add lubricating oil in time. Then, it can reduce the wear and tear caused by the long-term operation of the spinning ride.

  • 3

    Before starting the business every day, it is necessary to warm up happy jellyfish amusement attraction in advance. Then, you should check whether the machine is abnormal. Such as abnormal noise, insufficient pressure, too slow rotation speed, etc.

  • 4

    You must check whether the circuit of happy jellyfish fairground ride is complete or not. Due to outdoor exposure, the exposed circuit is easy to damage. So it needs maintenance timely.

  • 5

    It is the responsibility of you to disinfect and clean the happy jellyfish fair ride. Certainly, you also must keep happy jellyfish amusement equipment safe and hygienic.

buying jellyfish amusement ride for sale at reasonable price

The price of jellyfish amusement ride for sale is different. Because some companies sell it with a higher price, but other companies sell it with a reasonable price. For example, our company, SR, is a professional manufacturer with high-quality jellyfish amusement ride. Certainly, our happy jellyfish ride for sale has a reasonable price. However,if you want to know the special price, please contact us.

Moreover, our company usually holds an activity to reward old customers and new customers. So our factory price happy jellyfish funfair ride has a reasonable price. Importantly, our company also manufacture other spinning rides with affordable price, including swing carousel, spinning horse ride, self control plane, pendulum, Ferris wheel, tea cup ride, octopus ride, disco tagada ride, crazy dance, etc. So if you are interested our spinning rides, please contact us to get a free quote.