Spinning bumper car as a classic amusement ride in our company, it is popular in amusement parks, mall, etc. 360 degrees rotating with our dodgem rides, kids & adults will have funny and thrilling experiences in your parks. There are two types of spinning dashing cars available in our company. One is the spin electric bumping car, including sky net bumper car, and ground grid bumper car. The other is the rotating battery operated dodgem cars for sale. They are both top choices for customers who run amusement business for kids & adults. Manufacturing FRP gel coat material body, roast painting in 55° temperature, we will provide you a colorful quality spin bumper car. Need to buy an affordable one for your amusement park or mall business? The following details are for your reference.


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Top 2 sale bumper car spinning rides we designed for you

As a spinning dashing car rides manufacturer with 20 years of experience, we always design the best rides for you. There are kidzone 360 bumper car, adult dodgem bumper car, inflatable bumper car for sale, electric bumper car, battery bumper car ride. While, among these dashing cars, electric dodgem and battery operated bumper car are our top deals among our customers.

Buy electric dodgem car for kids spin zone play center setup

Electric ride bumper car is a classical kids ride in many amusement parks. Thus, when you set up a kids spin zone play center, this electric spinning bumper car is suitable. Firstly, our electric bumper car spin on the special 5 mm plate made by international standard Q235 steel. Then, you don’t need to move it every day. Next, its body made by FRP gel coat material, so electric bumper cars for sale has a long lifetime. Moreover, it has a control cabinet, so you can easily control its speed, running time, music in the kids spin zone.

12 volt battery operated bumper car for portable business

Battery bumper cars for sale with 2 pieces 12 v batteries is another top selling one. After full charging, battery operated dodgem car spins and collides about 9-10 hours.  Therefore, this battery dashing car ride is available for your portable business in the fair. Importantly, battery spinning bumper car only need smooth ground to spin. In the fair, you adjust its spinning time, and its speed, and it can freely rotate on the smooth ground. Certainly, if you want to change business place in the festival, you can easily move them to any where to make money.

Start up your family attraction business with our spinning bumper car

If you decide to start up a family attraction business, you can use our spinning dodgems, kids ferris wheel, carousel merry go round ride, and teacup ride. Among these family rides, spin zone bumper car ride, which is popular among children and adults in many parks, is suitable for your family rides business.

When adults and their children ride on the one dashing car that rotates and collides with other bumping car rides for sale, they will have a good memory. Besides, this spinny bumper car for sale can give them a thrilling and exciting experience. Therefore, many adults who accompany their kids in the amusement park like to ride on 360 spinning bumper car. As long as adults and kids like it, your business will get a good return. If one person need to pay 15 dollars when riding on dashing car, 200 adults & kids pay 3,000 dollars every day. All in all, it will bring you more in return every day.

specification of bumper car amusement park ride for sale

Notes: this specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

Type Battery bumper car Ground grid bumper car
Capacity 2 persons 2 persons
Size 1.9*1.1*0.9m  1.9*1.1*0.9m
Voltage 48 v (2 pcs 12V 80A) 380 v (48V for floor)
Power 350w 350-500w
Charge time Nonscheduled Don’t need to charge
Working time Last 6 hours No time limit
Material FRP+Steel FRP+Steel
Warranty 12 months 12 months

20 year experience in manufacturing spinning bumper car, you rely on.

Why more and more clients choose our company with 20 year production experience to buy bumping cars kid spinning? There are some reasons:

For different places, which bumper car 360 spinning can you choose?

Furthermore, if you are strong, you can buy ladybug ride, kids ferris wheel, indoor inflatable castle together with bumper car. Then, you build a small indoor children playground in the shopping mall. Or you use these spinning kids rides to expand your business in your amusement parks.

Electric bumper car & battery operated bumper car on sale at factory price

As a strong and professional amusement equipment manufacturer, our company has own factory. Then, we design and produce spin zone bumper cars for sale in our own factory. Therefore, we can directly give you a factory price. Furthermore, our company usually holds two discount activities every year. If you buy electric dodgem car or battery powered bumper car during these two activities, we can give you more discount. Certainly, if you are first time to build a relationship with us, we will give you a discount, too. Besides, our bumper car kid spinning is in stock, and you can get them quickly. If you want to know details of spinning bumper cars price, please contact us to get a free quote.

As a leading professional amusement ride manufacturer in China, our company designs and produces all kinds of amusement equipment. For example, spinning bumper car, roller coaster, ferris wheel, teacup ride, disco tagada, spinning horse ride, energy storm, octopus ride, wave swinger ride manufactured in our company are hot selling. Moreover, if you decide to build an amusement park, our company also help you to build a park reasonably.