Our factory designs and manufactures new style double decker merry go round with 38 seats. Certainly, because 2 story carousel seats layout and wight limit is suitable, it is popular with children and adults in many amusement parks. Besides, if you want to buy high quality and affordable double deck carousel for your parks, please choose our company. Now, please follow us to learn more details about double decker carousel for sale. This details include carousel’s specifications, seats layout & wight limit, driving motor, price, customization, transport, etc. in this article.


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New design 38 seats double decker merry go round specifications

Recently, our company designs and manufactures one new amusement ride: 38 seats double decker merry go round for sale. Now, please follow me to learn more details about 2 layers merry go round dimensions.

Firstly, 38 seats double deck carousel is divide of two parts: upper layer and lower layer. And there are 19 seats in every layer of 2 story carousel. In addition, double carousel amusement park ride size is 11m*11m*11m, including fence around the merry go round ride.

Certainly, 38 persons double decker carousel ride’s cabins can be customized into 34 horses and 2 carriages. Or you can customize horses and carriages according to your need. Importantly, these horses and carriages are made of fiberglass, whose appearance is bright, smooth, and attractive. Besides, when this carousel horse ride spin at the speed of 5 circles/min, it can bring magical feeling to children, adults, couples. So it quickly become an Internet celebrity check-in project of amusement parks, theme parks, playground, and other places.

  • Product name: Double decker carousel ride for sale
  • Play age: Kids and adults
  • Passenger: 38 seats
  • Color: customize
  • Speed: 5 circle/min
  • Material: FRP and steel
  • Area Size: 11*11*11m
  • Operating Height: 5.1m
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Warranty period: 12 months

How much is a double decker carousel?

Notes: this price is a reference for you, latest price, please contact us!

When you buy double decker merry go round, you will know its price is different in different factories. How much does a double-layer carousel ride cost? In general, the cost of a double-decker carousel can vary significantly depending on various factors such as size, design, materials used, features, customization options, and the manufacturer or supplier. As we all know, the price of 38 seats double decker carousel for sale is lower than the price of 46 seats, 60 seats, and 68 seats.

According to our research, we learn its two layers merry go round amusement ride price is from $50,000 to $400,000 in the market. Certainly, because the price range of merry go round double layers isn’t the latest price, this price range is a reference for you. Besides, if you buy double decker carousel ride for sale in shopping festival or promotion activities, you can buy high quality and factory price affordable one.

Double deck carousel ride’s video

Through this video, you will see our 2 layers carousel merry go round ride’s rotation on night. this video is feedback from our customer who has an amusement park. Besides, he said that double decker merry go round became the “Internet celebrity check-in place” in his amusement park. more and more people choose his amusement park to ride on double decker carousel horse ride.

Double-layer carousel seats layout and carousel weight limit

How do our factory plan double layer merry go round ride seats? In general, first layer carousel seats include many small and medium horses. For example, 38 seats double decker merry go round, the first layer include 5 small horses, 5 medium horses and 2 carriages. However, do you want to know the size of small horses and medium horses? Now, follow us to learn.

General speaking, small horses size is 90cm, and medium horses size is 120-160cm. While, on the top layer of spinning merry go round, it includes 9 medium horses and 9 small horses. Certainly, in our company, you can change horses into carriages.

Next, please follow us to learn carousel wight limit. There are one adult and one children together ride on one carousel ride horse. Besides, every carriage can accommodate 4 adults or 6 children. By the way, average passenger weight per horse is 70kg, and average passenger weight per carriage is 280kg. Certainly, both horses and carriages are made of best materials: fiberglass and Q235 steel. So our double decker merry go round for sale is high quality and durable, and adults and children can ride one horse together.

How to customize royal double decker carousel in 20-year experience manufacturer?

What parts of 2 story carousel can be customized? Our factory can customize royal double decker carousel about its seats, appearance, color, led lights, etc. More details, please follow us to read the following:

Horse and carriage styles:

About horse and carriage style, we can provide you European themed horses, royal vintage themed horses, Christmas themed horse, and animal themed seats. Moreover, we provide you luxury decorations carriages, flower themed carriage, Christmas themed carriage, fantasy or fairytale carriage, etc. What’s more, these horses and carriages number also can be customized according to your requirement.

Appearance decorations and color:

You also customize appearance decorations and color. For example, you can add famous scenery picture of your country on the central column of merry go round ride. Or you add beauty girls picture or mirror on the central column or top ceiling of carousel ride. To sum up, you can change decorations according to your need. Furthermore, you change double decker merry go round color, and add your park name or logo on its appearance.

Spiral staircase and led lights:

As we all know, double deck carousel for sale need a spiral staircase to get in the top layer of carousel. About spiral staircase, you also customize in our company, which has 20 year production experience. For example, The spiral staircase guardrail can be customized in European iron style or other styles. Moreover, about lights decorated on the appearance, cornice, central column of double decker carousels for sale, you customize colorful led lights or one color lights.

Furthermore, we can provide you customized service to customize other parts. For instance, the outer roof of two layers spinning horse ride can be customized into Stretching fascia material or PVC material. All in all, we help you to customize all things of carousel merry go round double decker. More details about customization, please contact us to know.

about carousel motor

How does a double decker merry go round work?

How does double decker carousel for sale work? Carousel merry go round ride for sale usually spins circle by circle with sweet music. Then, does motor provide enough power to it? Yes, motor can provide merry go round ride for sale power and make it rotating.

In our company, we use Chinese famous brand motor: motor speed reducer to drive 2 layers merry go round fairground ride. For instance, 38 seats double decker merry go round needs 2 sets motor speed reducers. And its motor type is 380v-3phase-60HZ.

You will see that double deck carousel ride freely and safely rotate in amusement parks, shopping mall, theme park, adventure park, children playground, etc. All in all, not only our double decker carousel ride, but also carousel fairground ride, vintage carousel ride, sea merry go round use best motors.

How to transport double decker carousel for sale?

Our factory, Dinis, firstly chooses shipping to transport double decker merry go round for sale. Then, we will disassemble carousel spinning amusement ride. Certainly, we will properly package each component to prevent damage during transportation. This may involve using padding, wrapping, strapping, and crates to protect delicate or vulnerable parts. To conclude, our carousel with two layers ride will be send safely and quickly by shipping.

Salesman will tell you detailed shipping time, arrive time, and other information during transportation. Then, when it is arriving, we will remind you to pick up the goods at the nearby port. All in all, it is convenient for you to get this amusement equipment.

Furthermore, if you want to build an amusement park, our company can help you and provide you fairground rides. These amusement equipment include carousel rides (double decker carousel, coin operated merry go round, sea carousel, fairground carousel ride, Christmas carousel, small carousel ride, luxury carousel ride), trackless train ride, electric train ride, spinning electric bumper car, spin zone bumper car, mechanical bull, ferris wheel, inflatable castle, roller coaster, pirate ship, space roller ride, disco tagada, flying chair, teacup ride, pendulum ride, self control plane. Ladybug ride, energy storm ride, samba balloon ride, crazy dance ride, and so on. If you want to know more details or detailed quotation, please contact us.