In march, 2023, one customer from Canada bought our 36 seats carousel horse for sale. Why did he choose 36 seats carousel merry go round ride for sale in our factory? And where can he use the carousel ride? My friends, please follow us to know.

About three months later, he gave us a good feedback and very thank our company. Canada customer bought 36 seats animal merry go round ride in our factory, and used the carousel ride in his amusement parks. When the animal themed carousel ride for sale was showed in his amusement park, many children liked it. Because the carousel ride for sale has several animal shaped seats: giraffe, lion, tiger, rabbit, ostrich, etc. children choose the animal seats that they like. He told us that his amusement park became more popular than before.

Besides, his income is very good. For example, he told us that one person payed 15 dollars to ride on carousel horse ride in park. Then, if 30 persons ride it, he would get 450 dollars one time. Then, as if the animal theme carousel horse for sale operated about 10 times, he would get 4500 dollars. Certainly, he will make money than we calculate. All in all, animal merry go round ride will give him more incomes.

Dinis factory price animal 36 seats carousel merry go round ride in outdoor parks
Dinis animal large carousel's animal seats

In addition, he said our 36 seats animal carousel merry go round ride is very high-quality, and he manage it easily. We told him our merry go round is made of 5 mm fiberglass, Q235 steel, and other materials. What’s more, our production craft is very rich and we manufacture it through more than 10 processes. Finally, he told us he would choose our other amusement equipment: crazy dance ride, tagada disco ride, rotating roller coaster from our factory next time.

Moreover, we are exporting 36 seats carousel horse for sale to Canada, USA, Africa, India, Dubai, UK, Pakistan, Indonesia, and so on. To sum up, 100 countries have our customers. My friends, if you want to know more details and latest price list, please contact us!

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