Spinning pendulum ride, also known as big pendulum, is a new type of spinning ride popular in the world. This pendulum amusement ride is beautiful in shape, scientific in structure and magnificent in momentum. So this rotary pendulum ride becomes a particularly popular item in the amusement park, playground, theme park, carnival, Christmas activities.

However, although spinning pendulum amusement ride is a thrilling amusement ride, it is welcomed by children and adults. Why do children and adults like to ride on the pendulum spinning ride? Because it does a single pendulum movement under the drive so that children and adults have a thrilling and interesting experience. 

Next, do you want to know how many styles pendulum rides selling in the market? There are many attractive and high quality pendulum rides for sale, including giant pendulum ride, small pendulum ride, amusement park pendulum rides, 360 pendulum ride, crazy pendulum ride, etc.


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What are the types of pendulum ride for sale in our company?

When you buy rotary pendulum ride, Maybe you want to know how many styles you can choose. Certainly, for different occasions and places, we design special themed pendulum rides for you.

Style one: amusement park pendulum rides

Recently, amusement park becomes a popular area that young generations like to visit, so our company specially designs and produces pendulum amusement park rides for your park. Maybe you will ask why our company design it for your amusement park. Because this pendulum park ride has a special moving way and young generations very like to ride on it in the amusement park. When considering it, we decide to manufacture amusement park pendulum ride specially for your parks to make money.

Style two: carnival pendulum ride for sale

Certainly, considering many festivals that you can do a business, we design and produce carnival pendulum ride for sale for you. Then, where do you use pendulum carnival ride? You can use this pendulum carnival ride in the square, small park, theme park, etc. All in all, this carnival pendulum ride for sale is a good making-money tool that is suitable for many places. So you can use spinning pendulum ride in the carnival without worry.

Moreover, our company also provides other pendulum rides for you. For example, if you want to start a business in the fair, we provide you pendulum fair ride. However, if you decide to start a business in the theme park, we also provide pendulum theme park ride for you. To sum up, wherever you use it, we can provide you a special themed pendulum amusement ride for sale.

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Are pendulum rides safe for children and adults?

Are pendulum rides safe for children and adults? Yes, spinning pendulum ride is safe for children and adults. After all, our company makes an effort to protect children and adults.

  • First, our company sets double safe devices for children and adults.

    You don’t worry children and adults safe, our double safe devices can protect kids and adults well. Therefore, if the kids and adults fasten their safe belts and press down the safety lever well, they are safe.

  • Second, we also design different sizes pendulum rides to keep different people safe.

    If you decide to use it in the 5-12 years old children playground, we can provide you mini pendulum ride. Our company specially design mini pendulum ride for 5-12 years old children, so it is safe for 5-12 years old kids well when kids experience its thrilling. Besides, we also provide you giant pendulum ride that over 12 years old young generations can ride. Thus, all ages people can ride on the pendulum amusement ride in your playground.

Where can you buy a spinning pendulum ride with a reasonable price?

When you decide to buy a rotational pendulum, you must consider where you buy it with a reasonable price.

If you buy pendulum swing machine sale,you can buy pendulum entertainment attraction rides from factory with many styles pendulums. Why should you choose a factory with many styles pendulum rides? Generally speaking, the factory with many styles spinning pendulum rides is a professional and strong manufacturer.

According to above mentions, you can choose our company to buy pendulum rides. Why do we suggest you choose our company? Firstly, because our company is a strong and professional pendulum ride manufacturer with over 20 years experience. So we provide you all kinds of high quality and novel themes pendulum rides. For example, pendulum ride amusement park, 360 pendulum ride, pendulum carnival ride, tallest pendulum ride. Next, these styles pendulum rides for sale in our company are made by fiberglass and Q235 steel. So it is popular with businessmen in the amusement parks. Then, sold and exporteded to 60 countries. To conclude, our company is worth your choice.

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20+ years

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60+ countries

What material to manufacture pendulum amusement rides in our company?

As a professional pendulum ride manufacturer, our company produces it with fiberglass, Q235 steel, and other materials. Do you know about these materials? Now, we introduce these materials to you.

Fiberglass: fiberglass is a composite material, which is very suitable to produce amusement rides. What’s more, Fiberglass material has 3 main advantages: anti-static, sun-resistant, and water-resistant. Certainly, it also has other advantages: lightweight and hard, non-conductive, stable performance, high mechanical strength, etc. Therefore, our company chooses fiberglass to produce spinning pendulum rides.

Q235 Steel: Q235 steel , as known as A3 steel, is a good steel that fit international standard. Certainly, this Q235 has many advantages in manufacturing pendulum amusement rides. For example, q235 has moderate carbon content and good overall performance. It also has strong plasticity and good welding ability. Thus, our company uses it to make pendulum rides for sale.

Polyurethane: polyurethane is a flexible and durable material that is commonly used in the seats and restraints of amusement park spinning rides, including pendulum rotary rides. It is ideal for providing comfort and safety for riders.

Hydraulic Fluids and Oils: hydraulic fluids and oils are mainly used in the hydraulic systems of rotary pendulum rides. These fluids are carefully selected by our company to make pendulum rides withstand high temperatures, pressures and their compatibility with the mechanical components.

How much would the pendulum fair ride cost to buy?

If you buy a spinning pendulum ride, you must want to know pendulum ride cost. However, the pendulum rides price depend on its capacities, sizes, materials, design and decorations.

If you buy giant pendulum ride, you will find the price of big pendulum ride is higher than small pendulum ride. However, large pendulum amusement ride has a big capacities, and more riders can ride on it one time.

Furthermore, you will find that the price of pendulum spinning ride with beautiful led lights and other decorations is higher than ordinary pendulum rides. But you must know that the spinning pendulum with decorations can attract more young generations.

All in all, if you want to buy a high quality and attractive pendulum amusement rides with a affordable price, you can contact us to know selling price. Besides, our company usually holds an activity to reward new and old customers, and we will give a discount.

In conclusion, our spinning pendulum ride is a high quality and popular amusement ride. Importantly, pendulum ride is one of ten hot selling spinning rides in our company. Our other hot selling spinning rides include swing carousel, merry go round ride, self control plane, samba balloon ride, jumping kangaroo amusement ride, disco tagada, happy jellyfish ride, teacup ride, ferris wheel, caterpillar ride for sale. So if you want to start a spinning ride business or expand your business in the fairground, these hot selling rotary rides are suitable for you.

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