Where can you buy high quality rotary ride: spinning ferris wheel? You can buy ferris wheel in our company. Do you know how many high quality spinning ferris wheel in our company?


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Kids ferris wheel for sale

If you want to buy a ferris wheel for children, our company provides you a 12 seats ferris wheel for sale. 12 seats kids ferris wheel is designed for kids in our company. Certainly, this kids ferris wheel has an attractive appearance, cute decorations, and small lovely cabins. So this ferris wheel is popular with children in the amusement parks. Do you know why is it popular with kids? Because kids will go sightseeing when riding on this kids ferris wheel.

22m ferris wheel spinning ride for sale

If you buy 12 cabins spinning ride ferris wheel, please choose 22m ferris wheel in our company. However, do you know the specification of 22m ferris wheel? This 22m ferris wheel rotary ride’s loading capacity is 48 persons, and its occupied area is 17*14m. Besides, its speed is 0.22m/s, so children and adults can have a happy sightseeing time slowly by riding on it. Thus, if you has a small children playground, you should buy it to attract tourists.

Double sides ferris wheel for sale

In our company, we also designs and manufacturers a special one: double sides ferris wheel ride. Have you seen double sides spinning ferris wheel in the amusement parks? Our double sides ferris wheel spinning ride seat cabins will rotary circle by circle, and this two sides plates will spin around the central column. Thus, children who ride on two sides seat cabins can enjoy the scenery in the park.

30 m ferris wheel amusement ride

For your amusement parks, our company can provide you 30m ferris wheel amusement ride. Certainly, 30m spinning ferris wheel has 18 cabins, and 4 persons can sit in every cabin. Its occupied area is 18*20m, and its speed is 0.22m/s. If tourists ride on the 30m ferris wheel, they will appreciate the scenery around the park well.

Furthermore, if you want a big ferris wheel, we provide you 42m ferris wheel, 46m spinning ferris wheel, 50m ferris wheel, etc. All in all, what meters ferris wheel amusement ride you need, our company provides you. What’s more, our ferris wheel amusement park rides are high quality, and have double safe devices to protect tourists. If you want to know more details, please contact us. Certainly, if you want to know its price, please contact us to get a free quote.

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