Have you ever played an amusement equipment that can rotate 360 degrees and its cockpit can swing while rotating? This equipment is crazy dance amusement ride, and it is a thrilling and spinning ride for children and adults. Therefore, children and adults feel thrilling and excited when riding on it. In addition, The center of the crazy dance carnival ride turntable is high, and the periphery is low.

Besides, its overall turntable is silver-colored, and there are many LED colorful lights around the crazy dance’s turntable. So this crazy dance ride for sale quickly becomes a popular amusement ride among businessmen. However, when you buy, how to choose a reliable manufacturer? How to customize crazy dance amusement ride in our company? There are some tips for you.


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How much is the crazy dance carnival ride price?

Notes: this price is a reference for you according to research, please contact us to get our latest price list.

Certainly, our company can provide you high quality and affordable crazy dance fair ride, other spinning rides, including thrilling ride, kids rides. If you want to know its selling price, please contact with us to know our price list.

the specification of common amusement crazy dance ride for sale in Dinis

Name  Dinis carnival crazy dance ride crazy dance spin ride
capacity 18 persons 24 persons
height 3.8m 3.8m
voltage 380v 380v
power 10kw 10kw
materials fiberglass+Q235 steel fiberglass+Q235 steel
volume 40HQ(12m) 40HQ(12m)
warranty 12 months  12 months
Applicable place amusement parks, playground, carnival, etc. mall, theme parks, playground, etc.

How to choose a reliable crazy dance amusement ride manufacturer?

When you buy a crazy dance ride for sale, you must want to find a reliable manufacturer. However, how to choose a reliable crazy dance amusement ride manufacturer? There are some tips for you to choose a reliable crazy dance manufacturer.

Manufacturer situation

First, you must know the manufacturer’s situation. For example, you can know whether the factory is strong or not. Besides, you can know whether the manufacturer has a good production situation or not.

Crazy dance quality

Second, you can know about the crazy dance amusement ride for sale’s quality. For instance, you can know about its quality by knowing its materials and production processes carefully.


Third, you must know about the company’s certifications. Because if the company has many professional certifications, its amusement rides fully fit international standard.

After-sale services

Fourth, you must know whether the company provides you good services or not. For example, you mainly know the after-sale services. If crazy dance carnival ride goes wrong in the future, you sure that the company will solve your problem in time.

Importantly, our company is a professional amusement ride manufacturer, and our crazy dance rides are high quality. Furthermore, our company also produces other spinning rides, including break dance ride, flying chair, merry go round ride, tea cup ride, ferris wheel, pendulum, self control plane, and so on. So if you want to buy crazy break dance ride for sale or other amusement rides, please choose our company.

Can crazy dance the ride seat size be customized?

Crazy dance ride’s seat can be customized in our company. Our company, Dinis, is a professional crazy dance carnival ride manufacturer. So we can provide you a customized service, and you can customize crazy dance ride for sale in our company. For instance, there are 18 seats, 24 seats crazy dance rides for sale carnival in our company.

But you only want to 12 seats interstellar adventure ride in your park. Then, our company will produce 12 seats interstellar adventure ride according to your requirement. Certainly, if you want to customize its seats, color, size, capacities, logo, theme, and so on, we can also meet your need.

Are crazy dance carnival rides safe for 3-15 years old children?

During the rotation of the turntable, the cockpit freely swings and flips with the inertia to make kids fully experience the feeling of being lost in space. Then, are crazy dance carnival amusement rides for sale safe for 3-15 years old children? Yes, it is safe for kids.

Although you hear that crazy dance ride is thrilling, it is safe for 3-15 years old children. How to protect 3-15 years old children when they ride crazy dance park ride? In our company, we prepare for the safe belts and pressure bar on every seat for 3-15 years old children. Therefore, whoever ride on the crazy dance ride for sale, they are safe. Why can we use safe belts and pressure bar to protect riders? Because when some little kids under 10 years old sit it, they maybe don’t obey the rule of riding principle. So we set double safe devices to make sure them safe.

Dinis exported crazy dance amusement ride to Australia in July 2022

In July 2022, one customer in Australia bought crazy dance for his amusement park. In 2021, he rented a small area to build an amusement park and contacted with us. He didn’t know what amusement rides are popular, and don’t know how to put them in the park. Then, our professional person helped him to plan. Then, he has bought antique merry go round, amusement park swing ride, teacup rides, and small kids ferris wheel.

In the July 2022, he contacted us to buy a hot selling thrilling ride:crazy dance carnival ride for sale again. Last month, he told us that he had a good business and made money quickly. Then, he also told us that he would introduce his friends to us. Then, he hoped that we can help his friends, too.

Why is crazy dance fair ride popular among businessmen?

Do you know why is our crazy dance fair ride popular among businessmen? There are some advantages for you to use our Interstellar adventure ride.

  • Firstly, the crazy dance carnival ride is a thrilling ride, which can bring people thrilling and exciting feeling. For example, people can relieve their pressure by riding on the crazy dance amusement ride for sale. Therefore, children and adults all like to ride on it.
  • Secondly, crazy dance ride for sale has a funny style, attractive seat cabins, bright colorful appearance. So it is attractive in the scenic area and fairground. Besides, when it rotating, there are many colorful LED lights shining. So it easily catches kids eyes.
  • Thirdly, you can use the crazy dance amusement equipment in many places. Certainly, our company manufactures all kinds of crazy dances for many places. For example, you use crazy dance fair ride, crazy dance carnival ride, crazy dance park ride, crazy dance fair ride, etc. in the amusement parks.

All in all, if you use our crazy dance amusement rides, you will get a benefit quickly. Moreover, you can choose a suitable style, color, size crazy dance ride for sale in our company. These crazy dance amusement rides for sale in our company are high quality. Certainly, the price of interstellar adventure ride (crazy dance) is reasonable for you. Therefore, it is a good investment for you.

Totally, if you want to start a business, crazy dance thrilling ride is suitable for you. Our crazy dance ride for sale made by fiberglass, Q235 steel, and Chinese famous pain. Therefore, its quality is high and its appearance is attractive. What’s more, people can relieve their pressure by riding on the crazy dance amusement rides. So it is suitable for your investment. Certainly, there are all kinds of spinning rides and thrilling rides for sale. For example, swing carnival ride, carousel rides, ferris wheel, self control plane, octopus rides, tea cup ride, disco tagada ride, bumper car, pendulum ride, and so on. If you want to know its latest price list, please contact us to get a free quote.