Self control plane is a kind of rotating amusement equipment. Its main feature is that it rotates around the vertical central axis and can be lifted freely. In our company, there are 6 arms, 8 arms, 10 arms, 12 arms, and customized arms airplane kiddie rides for you. What’s more, these amusement park plane rides are high quality and easily maintained. Besides, when riding our airplane rides for kids, people feel like flying in the blue sky. Because the rotating and lifting small aircraft ride not only satisfies people’s visual psychology in terms of color and appearance, but also has the effect of 360-degree rotation and lifting. Therefore, our amusement park plane rides for sale are popular among children, adults, couples, and families in the amusement park.


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3 best places suitable for you to do self control plane for sale business

What’s more, our self-control plane amusement rides are also suitable in the fair, backyard, scenic area, resort hotel, square, and so on. Certainly, as a professional manufacturer, our company also produces special amusement rides attractions kiddie airplane ride, including backyard airplane carousel for sale, airplane fair ride, funfair equipment for sale planes, mechanical plane ride for these places. These planes are available for you to start a business.

self control plane rotary ride specification:

Notes: this specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

Product Name 12 seats airplane rides 16 seats airplane rides
Material FRP + Steel FRP + Steel
Capacity 6 cabins, 12 persons 8 cabins, 16 persons
Floor Space Dia. 7m Dia. 9 m
Height 5.5 m 6 m
Weight: 3.5 ton 4 ton
Power 5 KW 7.5 KW
Voltage 380 V 380 V
Packing Volume one 20” GP One 20” GP

How to control an self control plane ride for sale?

As you know self control plane ride for sale, you will know that it can rotate, rise and fall. However, do you know what controls the plane amusement ride? We will tell you that it is controlled by air compressor and motor. The air compressor controls its rising and falling, and motor controls its rotating. Moreover, our company uses the high quality Stationary Air Compressor and motor to control self control planes. Then, the air compressor can provide power to amusement plane, and the motor provide the electricity to the whole plane amusement ride.

Certainly, considering your daily use, we set an electric control cabin to control its work. So when you use it, you need to turn on the power, and push the buttons. It will rotate up and down. In short, it is easy for you to control the amusement airplane ride, and you don’t spend more time to control it.

about popular with kids

Why is our self control plane ride popular among children?

  • It is easy for children to control: Children enjoy to control of their own vehicle. So our airplane rides for kids merry go round can meet kids requirement. They can push the button in the airplane rides for kids to control it up and down easily.

  • It can bring thrilling feeling to kids: Self-control plane rides offer a thrilling experience without being too scary or intense. Children can experience the sensation of flying without being too high off the ground.

  • It is a family-friendly spinning ride for children: Kids airplane amusement ride for sale is often considered family-friendly ride. When sitting it, parents and children can ride it together. So it can improve the relationship between children and parents.

To sum up, children like to play, and the self control plane ride for sale offers a fun and exciting experience for children. Thus, kiddie airplane carnival ride is more and more popular among children.

Hot selling self control planes for sale in our company

There are some hot selling self-control planes for sale in our company. For example, vintage kiddie ride planes for sale, cartoon plane ride for sale, mechanical rides planes for sale, steel airplane carnival rides for sale, mini airplane ride for sale, etc.

Moreover, these airplane playground equipment have a aircraft-shaped central axis and many small airplane-themed cabins. Moreover, these airplane kiddie rides for sale are manufactured by fiberglass and Q235 steel. So these airplane kiddie rides for sale are hot selling at home and abroad.

Importantly, if you need to customize it, our company helps you to customize full size self control planes for sale. For example, you can customize its capacities: 6 arms, 8 arms, 10 arm, 12 arms. Besides, you also customize its color: pink, yellow, blue, black, purple, white, colorful, and so on. All in all, no matter what self control airplane you want, we can provide you high quality and affordable airplane amusement rides.

How to maintain airplane amusement ride in daily use?

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of self-control plane rides. Do you know how to maintain airplane amusement rides? There are some tips for maintaining amusement park plane rides for sale in daily use:

professional company

Where to buy aeroplane kiddie ride?

Where can you buy airplane kiddie rides for sale? You can buy self control plan kids ride in our company. Our company, Dinis entertainment technology CO., Ltd, is a professional and reliable airplane amusement ride manufacturer in China. Do you know why is our company professional? Because every year we will export airplane amusement ride for sale to USA, England, India, Korea, Canada, Africa, France, etc. sixty countries. So our company has many export self control plane rides experience, and it is reliable.

What’s more, our company also produces and sells other rotary rides, including swing ride, carousel rides, teacup ride, pendulum ride, drop tower, ferris wheel, octopus ride, disco tagada, paratrooper ride, happy jellyfish amusement ride, mechanical bull, etc. Besides, because of our high quality amusement rides and perfect production technology, our company becomes a leading amusement attraction manufacturer.

Importantly, these fiberglass self-control plane rides and other spinning rides have a reasonable price in our company. Thus, if you are interested in our self control plane or other spinning rides, please contact us. Now order, give you a discount.