Waltzer ride for sale is a popular amusement ride in many places, including amusement park, children playground, scenic area, fairground, theme park, carnival, and so on. Why the waltzer ride is popular in these places? As it is with high quality and attractive appearance. Our company designs and manufactures high quality waltzers ride for sale with fiberglass and best steels.  Thus, it is quickly popular in many places. In addition, It also creates a thrilling and disorienting experience for children and adults. So many businessmen choose waltzer amusement rides to attract children and adults in the amusement parks.


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How much does a waltzer ride cost?

Notes: the price is a reference, latest price list, please contact us!

When you buy waltzer ride, you might want to buy a high quality waltzer ride for sale with affordable price. However, many companies sell waltzer fairground rides in a different price. Do you know why the price of waltzer ride is higher?

  • FirstlyFiberglass waltzers fair ride for sale is higher than plastic waltzer ride.
  • Secondly, If waltzer fairground rides for sale is painted and is roasting paint in a free-dusty workshop, its price is higher than common waltzer ride that made in common workshop.
  • Thirdly, Waltzer fair ride’s factory price is lower than the price of middlemen’ price. However, our company is a direct factory with 30000 square meters and we will give you factory discount price.

Futhermore, according to our research, we learn that waltzer ride price is from $25,000 to $50,000 in market. Certainly, if you want to know details and latest price of waltzer fairground ride in our company, please contact us.

How to manufacture a waltzer fairground ride in our company?

As we know, producing waltzer ride for sale is a complex process. Thus, in our company, our workers carefully manufacture fairground waltzer for sale step by step. Then, do you know what production processes about producing waltzer amusement park ride? There are main production processes as follows:

  • 1

    First, design the waltzer ride: After you have chosen its size, our professional designers create 3D drawings or computer models, including the waltzers ride platform, supports, cars, and other components.

  • 2

    Second, producing the waltzers: When finishing the design, our company starts to fabricate waltzer seats and appearance decorations by using a variety of materials, such as fiberglass, steel, and aluminum.

  • 3

    Third, welding its frame: Our workers weld waltzer ride’s frame by using Q235 steel, which fits international standard. At the same time, other painting workers paint the waltzers ride seats anD the appearance decorations.

  • 4

    Fourth, installing and testing: When we have produced all parts, we will install the waltzer ride for sale. Next, when we finished the installation, our company will test it for many times.

Main parameters of waltzer fairground rides:

Notes: This specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

Capacity 24 seats 36 seats
Cabin 8 cabins 12 cabons
Area Size 9 m Diameter 12 m Diameter
Power 11kw 16kw
Height 3 m 3 m
Voltage 380V  380V
Color customized customized
Applicable Person children and adults children and adults
Material FRP+Steel  FRP+Steel
Speed 5-15 rpm 5-15 rpm

Why does our company become a leading waltzer ride for sale manufacturer in China?

You can buy waltzer ride in our company. Because our company, Dinis, is a leading waltzer amusement ride manufacturer in China. However, why does our company become a leading manufacturer in China?

Firstly, our company owns advanced producing technology about waltzers ride. Under the guiding of advanced producing technology, our workers use best materials: fiberglass and Q235 steel to produce waltzer amusement rides. For example, our waltzer seats can be painted through 8 painting processes. Therefore, our waltzers for sale can’t be damaged in many years.

Secondly, our company has enough production experience about waltzer thrilling ride. Every year our company has finished waltzer ride orders form all around the world. Thus, our company has enough production experience about spinning waltzer ride. So our waltzer funfair rides for sale are high quality, which are made by our workers in a short time.

Besides, our company designs and manufactures all kinds of spinning rides. For example, we produces many thrilling rides, family rides, kids rides, etc. So we produce and sell not only waltzers for sale, but also swing ride, merry go round, ferris wheel, pendulum ride, self control plane, teacup ride, and so on. Certainly, there spinning rides are high quality and attractive, which are suitable for your amusement parks.

How should you choose suitable waltzer rides for sale in different occasions?

When you buy waltzer ride, you hope that you can choose a suitable one. Then, how to choose a suitable waltzer ride for your business? You should choose different sizes according to different places sizes and different occasions.

36-seat waltzer ride suitable for amusement park

For your big amusement park, we provide you 36 seats waltzer fairground ride. Because this 36 seats waltzer amusement ride has a track and 36 seats around the central column. When it rotates up and down with the colorful lights, it can attract more and more people. However, for your small amusement park, we can provide you mini waltzer for sale. Our mini waltzer ride can’t occupy more size in your park, and brings you a good return quickly.

24-seat waltzer ride suitable for carnival avtivities

Certainly, if you want to hold a carnival activity in your amusement park, you should buy our 24 seats waltzer carnival ride for sale. Moreover, you also buy our carnival kids ferris wheel, carnival swing ride, and other carnival rides for your parks together with waltzer carnival ride. Because if you own these kids rides in the carnival, children would like to go to your park in the carnival. For example, children and adults ride on the 24 seats waltzer ride for sale, and every people need to pay 15 dollars. Then, you can make over  $360 every time in carnival.

Is the waltzer ride safe for children in the theme park?

Is the waltzer ride safe for children in the theme park? Although the operation mode of waltzer ride is mainly wave ups and downs, it is safe for children. When the waltzer fair ride waves ups and downs, it will create an extraordinary thrilling feeling for children and adults. Moreover, this equipment is an inspection-free equipment with double insurance: pressure bars and seat belts. Thus, you can use it to start your business in the theme park.

Besides, our fairground waltzer for sale has a control box. If the waltzer rides for sale go wrong abruptly, you can timely stop the equipment by emergency button. All in all, this equipment is very safe for children, and your theme park should has it to attract people.


Waltzer fair ride for sale has 10 cars, 12 cars, 14 cars as cabins. Certainly, in our company, you can customize waltzer rides with any cars.

Waltzer amusement ride rotate up and down along the track. So it can bring thrilling and exciting feelings to people under the influence of centrifugal force.

Our company uses fiberglass and Q235 steel to manufacture this equipment. Therefore, you will find our fiberglass waltzer ride appearance and decorations are smooth and bright.

We transport the equipment by shipping. So it is convenient for you to receive the equipment. Certainly, we will use different materials to pack its different parts.

Our waltzers ride for sale has a 12 month warranty. But we can provide you a lifelong technology. So if you have any question in daily use, please contact us.

You don’t worry, because its installation is easy. About its installation, we can provide you waltzer fairground ride video. So you can install it by seeing video, or professional person to install.

All in all, our company manufactures and sells all kinds of spinning rides at home and abroad. There are hot selling amusement rides: carousel ride, flying chair, teacup ride, spinning bumper car, samba balloon ride, track or trackless train ride, electric train ride, self control plane ride, energy storm ride, paratrooper ride, ferris wheel carnival ride, crazy dance ride, and so on. These rotary rides are high quality and affordable, so if you buy them, please contact us.