Tagada disco is a classic outdoor amusement ride, and its appearance is like a big plant. Accompanied by strong and shocking disco music, adults and kids feel thrilling and excited. Therefore, disco tagada ride is popular with children and adults in the amusement park, farm, scenic area, children playground, etc. Although tagada ride for sale is a thrilling ride, it is safe for children and adults. Moreover, our disco tagada ride is equipped with high-power audio, DJ Consoles, flashing lights, lanterns, various stage equipment, and so on, so it is high quality and attractive. Certainly, in our company, we can provide you small and large tagada disco ride. These tagada rides are manufactured by fiberglass and Q235 steel, so these disco tagada rides are high quality and the price is affordable. Thus, our disco tagada rotary ride is hot selling at home and abroad.


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What sizes of tagada disco ride for sale can we provide?

There are large disco tagada ride, mini disco tagada, and customize tagada ride for sale in our company. However, what is the specification of different tagada rides for sale?

When you know about its specification, you can choose a suitable one according to your need. However, if you want to customize disco tagada rotary ride for your parks,  we also provide you a customize service. Then, you can customize it about its color, size, capacity, decorations, etc. in our company.

Notes: this specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

Large disco tagada amusement ride

  • Name: large tagada ride
  • Capacity: 32 persons
  • Material: FRP, steel, pvc,
  • Diameter: 5m
  • Color: customize
  • Operating height: 1.8m
  • Magnitude of inclination: 11.5º
  • Suitable place: amusement parks, indoor, ourdoor, etc.
  • Warranty: 1 year

Large disco tagada amusement ride’s size has a big capacity. For example, 32 persons tagada ride’s height is 3m, and its wheel diameter is about 5m. Moreover, its area size is about 12*8m. So if your large amusement park need to add new rotating ride, you can choose it to make more money.

Notes: this specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

Mini disco tagada for sale

  • Name: small tagada ride
  • Capacity: 8 persons
  • Material: FRP, steel, pvc,
  • Diameter: 2m
  • Area size: 6*5*4m
  • Operating height: 1.8m
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Color: customize
  • Volume: 20GP

Mini disco tagada’s size has a small capacity. For instance, 8 persons tagada disco’s wheel diameter is 2.2m, and its area size is 6*5*4m. Therefore, if you have a small children playground, you can choose this mini tagada ride. this small tagada ride can give you good benefit.

the specification of tagada ride for sale

Notes: this specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

Model 8 persons 16 persons 24 persons 30 persons
Diameter  2m 3m 4m 5m
Area size 4*4.5m 5*5m 7*7m 8*8m
Power 2kw 10kw 15kw 20kw
Operating height 1.8m 1.8m 1.8m 1.8m
Rotating Speed 0-8rpm 0-8rpm 0-8rpm 0-8rpm
Voltage 380v 380v 380v 380v
Magnitude of inclination 11.5º 11.5º 11.5º 11.5º

What material can we use to manufacture tagada ride for sale?

Before you buy a tagada ride for sale, you must want to know material that we use to make it. We use fiberglass, Q235 steel, and PVC to manufacture amusement rides disco tagada. For instance, we use best steel: Q235 steel to make tagada’s frame. Besides, we use best motor, Chinese famous paint, PVC, etc. to manufacture tagada ride. Therefore, you don’t worry our tagada rides’ quality. However, when it comes to disco tagada material, we always say that main material is fiberglass. Do you know why do we use fiberglass to produce tagada for sale? There are some reasons about it:

  • First, fiberglass is a new composite material, and it is very suitable for manufacturing amusement rides. Moreover, fiberglass can be used to make all kinds of spinning rides, thrilling rides, family rides, children rides, etc.

  • Second, if we make tagada disco ride for sale with fiberglass, then this spinning ride has a smooth appearance. So its appearance made by fiberglass is still bright and smooth for a long time. Although you use tagada rides for sale for many years, their appearance is smooth and color is bright.

  • Third, fiberglass has an important advantage: easily model. As we all know, amusement rides have all kinds of styles, and its cabins and seats, appearance also have different models. So we need to find that a high quality material is easy to model.


Is the tagada ride safe for players in the amusement park?

We always see that many young generations ride on the disco tagada amusement ride in the amusement park. However, is the tagada ride safe for players in the amusement park? You don’t worry tourists’ safe. Because although the tagada disco ride is a thrilling ride, it won’t make players hurt. Tagada ride for sale is rotating, and jitters up and down slightly when tourists ride on it. So it brings more thrilling feelings, and it is safe for players, too.

Maybe you will ask why does it not have safe belts for players? Because if we prepare for the safe belts for players, they don’t feel its thrilling and funny. Besides, you only maintain and check disco tagada rides on time, you can make sure that it doesn’t go wrong. Then, only if disco tagada rides won’t go wrong, players are safe when riding. What’s more, we set a control cabinet for you to control tagada rides’ operation. If the tagada ride goes wrong in the running time, you need to push the emergency button to stop it. In short, it is safe for players in the amusement parks.

How much does fair ride tagada cost?

Do you know how much does fair ride tagada cost? Tagada ride for sale in different companies have different price. Maybe you see that some companies disco tagada’s price is high, and others is lower. Because companies use different materials to produce tagada disco rides, the price is different. In addition, if some companies have manufactured tagada rides with different production processes, the price is also different.

So if you want to start a tagada disco business, you must buy high quality one. Because high quality disco tagada has a long life and doesn’t go wrong easily. Thus,when you buy tagada rides, you shouldn’t focus on its higher or lower price, you must focus on its quality. Certainly, if you want to know our disco tagada’s price, please contact us to get a free quote. Now order, give you a discount.

Selling tagada funfair ride for sale in France and USA

Our company is a professional amusement ride manufacturer and supplier in China. Every year, we have exported all kinds of spinning rides to many countries, including USA, France, English, Africa, India, Spain, Japan, Australia, Canada, Italy, Pakistan, etc.

Importantly, this tagada disco funfair ride for sale is one of top 5 hot selling spinning ride in our company. Other top 4 hot selling spinning rides are merry go round ride for sale, ladybug ride, self control plane, and jumping kangaroo ride. Many customers have bought these hot selling rotary rides to start a business in the amusement park.

A client from France said that he had a successful business and he made more money than before. Two month ago, he decided to buy other spinning rides to expand his business, so he bought carousel ride, small swing ride.

Besides, one customer from the united states also bought tagada ride in August 2022. He also has a successful business, and he is very happy to meet us. Now, he says he will introduce his friends to us. Because his friends also want to start funfair rides business, and hope that we help them.

Totally, our company is a strong and professional amusement equipment factory. We not only produce tagada ride, but also wave swinger ride, Ferris wheel, pendulum ride, self control plane, pirate ship ride, train ride,  jumping kangaroo ride, samba balloon ride, merry go round, octopus ride, infltable castle, bungee, flying wheel, ferris wheel, crazy dance, etc. What’s more, our tagada rides and other spinning rides are high-quality, and these amusement rides’ price is reasonable. Therefore, if you want to start a fairground ride business, please choose our company to buy these fairground rides.