Ocean carousel is a classical rotating ride, which is suitable for children and adults. For adults and kids, our company designs small and large sea carousel amusement rides, including 3-6 seats, 12-16 seats, 24-36 seats carousel ride for sale. Manufactured by fiberglass material, decorated by sea animal and LED lights, our 3-36 seats carousel rides for sale are high quality and attractive. Therefore, our merry go round carousel for sale with sea animal seats is suitable for your business in resort hotel, shopping mall, ocean park, etc.


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How to choose suitable ocean carousel for your resort hotel?

When you run a resort hotel, you must hope that your hotel can attract more and more tourists. Then, how to make your resort hotel popular among tourists? Now, listen to me. We have a good idea for you: buying an ocean themed merry go round ride for sale. However, how to choose suitable sea carousel kids ride for your resort hotel?

Firstly, you can choose large or small carousel ride ocean according to your area size. If you have a small place, you purchase 3-6 seats sea merry go round for 3-8 year old kids. While, if you have a large place, you can buy 12-16 seats for adults and kids.

Secondly, if you don’t have space time to manage amusement equipment: carousel ride, you can choose sea themed coin operated merry go round ride. When you use this carousel ride, you just power it up. Then, children can ride on coin operated carousel ride with sea style by putting coins.

All in all, decorated by many marine animals & colorful LED lights, this sea animal merry go round ride makes children feel in the sea world. As long as you use seahorse carousel in your resort hotel, your hotel will attract more and more tourists.

More details about sea carousel for sale in SR

Before buying sea carousel for sale, you should know more details of sea animal carousel ride for sale carefully. Which details do you need to know? You need to know ocean carousel amusement ride main parts and main parts’ material, and other parts.

For different sizes of sea carousel amusement park rides, how can you choose?

Small size: 3-6 seats ocean carousel kiddie ride suitable for shopping mall

For your business in the mall, you can buy 3-6 seats sea carousel ride for sale. Why? Because carousel ride ocean has blue appearance and cute sea animal decorations, which will easily catch kids eyes. According to design inspiration based on the sea world children feel that they are freely swim in the sea world together with many sea animals. Moreover, 3-6 seats carousel horse ride with sea style is so small that you can conveniently put it indoor shopping mall. To conclude, this small carousel ride for sale is suitable for your business in shopping mall.

Medium size: 12-16 seats sea animal carouse spinning ride suitable for your children park

Our company also designs and manufactures 12-16 seats sea animal carousel roundabout, which is suitable for children park. Why to use it in your children park? With 12-16 seats, ocean animal carousel spinning ride can accommodate a large number of children at once. It means shorter lines and more efficient use of park resources. Furthermore, the sea animal theme of merry go round horse ride can help spark children imaginations and make their experience at park even more memorable.

Large size: 36 seats ocean carousel ride for sale suitable for your ocean park

This large 36 seats ocean animal merry go round ride is a classical family attraction. So it can provide hours of fun and entertainment for adults and children. When children and adults ride on carousel ride for sale in your ocean park, they will have a good time. As long as children and their parents are happy, they will stay longer in  your ocean park. Then, it can increase ticket sales, as well as generate additional revenue through merchandise sales and food and beverage sales for your park. Thus, you buy 36 seats sea animal merry go round, and it generates significant revenue for your park.

main parameter of sea carousel for sale

Notes: this specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

3 seats 6 seats 12 seats 16 seats 24 seats 36 seats
Material FRP&Steel FRP&Steel FRP&Steel FRP&Steel FRP&Steel FRP&Steel
Diameter 1.4m 3.3m 5.3m 6m 8m 9.5m
Height 2.6m 2.8m 6.2m 6.8m 6.8m 8m
Motor Power 500w 1.1Kw 2.2Kw or 3Kw 2.2Kw or 3Kw 6Kw 7Kw
Applicable people children children children & adults  children & adults  children & adults  children & adults
Color customize customize customize customize customize customize
Space area 1.5m*1.5m 3m*3m 6.5m*6.5m 8*8m 9*9m 10*10m

sea animal carousel videos

Videos  of carousel decorated by sea animal style are provided for you, and you can know about the merry go round parts production situation. Certainly, you also know about merry go round working situation. In short, if you want to know more details, please contact us!

How to purchase ocean carousel merry go round ride at reasonable price?

If you want to purchase carousel ride ocean at reasonable price, please follow these purchasing tips.

If you follow these buying tips to purchase ocean themed merry go round carousel for sale, you will buy them at affordable price. Certainly, you can also directly choose our company to purchase merry go round.

As a professional amusement attraction factory, our company designs and produces all kinds of carousel merry go round for sale. For example, antique carousel ride, coin operated merry go round, kids carousel amusement ride, 3 horse carousel for sale, portable merry go round, ocean carousel, backyard carousel for sale, double decker carousel ride, cion operated merry go round, and so on.

Moreover, our company manufactures other spinning amusement rides, including swing ride, self control plane, spinning bumper car, spinning pendulum ride, mechanical bull ride, paratrooper ride for sale, wacky worm roller coaster, space roller ride, energy storm ride, samba balloon ride, teacup ride, etc. If you want to start an amusement park rides business, our amusement equipment is worthy of your choice. Besides, if you want to more details, please contact us.