The gravity wheel fair ride is an exhilarating and thrilling amusement park attraction that combines the forces of gravity and rotational motion to create an exciting experience for riders. Thus, it is commonly used in amusement parks, adventure parks, carnival, fair, and other places. If buying a durable and attractive gravity wheel amusement ride for your parks, there are three ways to help you. Certainly, you can directly choose us. Why? Because our spinning wheel amusement ride made of fiberglass is high quality and affordable. Now, please follow us to know more details about our playground spinning wheel for sale.


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How much does a gravity wheel fair ride cost?

Notes: the price is a reference, latest price list, please contact us!

How much does a gravity spinning wheel carnival ride cost? According to our research, we find that 24 seats gravity wheel fair ride price is between $15,000 and $30,000. Certainly, as we all know, different amusement rides manufacturers sell it at different price.

Besides, spinning zero gravity wheel amusement ride made of different material and different production processes also has a different price. Thus, you must choose a high quality spinning wheel ride with reasonable price in a reputable factory. by the way, if you want to buy affordable zero gravity amusement park rides, please contact us. Now, we are in promotion period, and we will give you a discount.

Where to buy a gravity wheel fair ride?

To purchase a gravity wheel fairground ride, you can explore various ways. Now, we will introduce three ways to buy gravity wheel ride to you. Here are some avenues to consider when looking to buy a fair ride zero gravity:

reliable factory

Buying it in a reputable amusement ride manufacturer

You can contact a reputable amusement ride manufacturer who specializes in producing gravity wheel rides. Besides, it must have expertise and rich experience in designing, manufacturing, and delivering all amusement equipment.

Certainly, it need to provide you with a range of options, customization possibilities, and technical support. If you find a reputable amusement attraction factory which has enough experience in producing gravity wheel fair ride for sale, please choose our company.

industry trade show

Find spinning gravity wheel amusement ride in amusement industry trade shows

You also attend trade shows or exhibitions focused on the amusement industry. These events bring together manufacturers, suppliers, and industry professionals from around the world. Then, it provides you an opportunity to explore a wide range of amusement rides, including gravity wheel rides, swing ride, energy storm ride, carousel ride, dodgems car rides, and other fairground rides for sale.

Importantly, you will directly engage with manufacturers or their representatives in industry trade shows.

online marketplace

Purchasing zero gravity spinning ride at online marketplaces

With the development of internet, you find that you can buy all kinds of products on internet. Thus, if you have no spare time to industry trade show or spend more time to find gravity wheel manufacturers, you buy zero gravity ride at fair at online marketplace.

You utilize online marketplaces that connect buyers and sellers of amusement rides. These platforms may feature new amusement rides available for purchase. You not only purchase small kids amusement rides, but also thrilling adults amusement park rides.

Gravity wheel fair ride video

Through this video, you will see that gravity spinnning  wheel ride is a thrilling ride that can be used in many places. Besides, our spinning wheel fairground ride with colorful LED lights is high quality and attractive.

Thrilling gravity spinning wheel ride weight limit

For a thrilling zero gravity amusement park rides, the weight limit can vary depending on factors such as the ride’s design, manufacturer specifications, and safety regulations.

In general, the weight limits typically range from 200 to 250 pounds (90 to 113 kilograms) per rider. However, it’s important to note that its weight limits can vary, and some gravity wheel fairground ride may have different weight restrictions based on factors like seat design, size of zero gravity wheel ride, or other safety considerations.

Moreover, if you plan to put a specific gravity wheel fair ride in your amusement park, you must set a warn board to tell riders about its safety information, including weight limit, height requirement, age, and any other relevant guidelines or restrictions.

The main parameter of the gravity wheel in our company

When you purchase gravity wheel amusement equipment, you firstly know its main parameter. In our company, there are 18 seats, 24 seats, and 36 seats gravity wheel spin ride for sale. Certainly, if you want to customize its capacity, you can customize it in our factory.

For 18 seats gravity spinning wheel ride, its area size is 11m and its height is 3m. besides, its voltage is 380v and its power is 10-15kw. While, 36 seats gravity wheel fair ride’s area size is also 11m, and its height is 3m. comparing to 18 seats one, the difference is its power. The 36 seats gravity wheel amusement park ride’s power is 22kw. By the way, this specification is a reference, more details, please contact us to get.

Notes: this specification is a reference for you, more details and quotation, please contact us!

Capacity 18 seats 24 seats 36 seats
Voltage 380v/220v 380v/220v  380v/220v
Power 10kw 11kw 13kw
Material Fiberglass +steel Fiberglass +steel Fiberglass +steel
Area Size 10*10m 10*10m 11*11m
Warranty 12 months 12 months 12 months
Applicable Places amusement parks, carnival, Christmas, fairground, etc.  amusement parks, carnival, Christmas, fairground, etc.  amusement parks, carnival, Christmas, fairground, etc.
Certificate CE, ISO CE, ISO CE, ISO

Features of zero gravity amusement ride in our company

  • 1

    Fiberglass appearance: Our round up amusement ride is made of fiberglass, stainless steel, so they are durable and high quality. What’s more, its fiberglass material appearance isn’t fade for many years.

  • 2

    Rotating seats: One feature of a spinning gravity wheel ride in our factory is the presence of seats or compartments that rotate independently as the wheel rotates. This adds an additional dynamic element to the ride, enhancing the thrill and excitement for riders.

  • 3

    Colorful LED lights: Spinning gravity wheel rides often include enhanced visual effects such as LED lights, strobes, or themed lighting that add to the overall immersive experience. These effects can synchronize with the rotation of gravity wheel fair ride, creating a visually captivating atmosphere.

  • 4

    Sound effects and music: To further enhance the ride experience, our company provide you SD card to make spinning gravity wheel rides may incorporate sound effects or music. This can include popular music, adrenaline-pumping soundtracks that intensify the thrill and enjoyment of zero gravity ride at fair.

  • 5

    Famous brand motors: Generally speaking, electric motors are commonly used in gravity wheel rides due to their efficiency, controllability, and ease of maintenance. These motors are typically AC motors or DC motors. Thus, our factory chooses famous brand motors to operate fair ground rides gravity wheel.

Which places is gravity wheel fairground ride available for?

Gravity wheel fairground rides are one of popular thrilling spinning amusement ride like crazy dance ride. So you will see it in many occasions. In general, spinning wheel gravity ride is available for installation and operation in various locations worldwide, including amusement parks, carnival, Christmas, theme park, adventure park, scenic spot, water park, children playground, fair, special events, festivals, community celebrations, and so on.

By the way, our company can provide you different capacity: 18 seats and 36 seats gravity wheel fair ride for sale. Therefore, you can choose a suitable one according to your area size.

Additionally, if you are considering installing a gravity wheel spinning ride, it’s important to research and comply with local regulations, obtain necessary permits and licenses, and ensure that the ride meets safety standards.

What are materials of gravity wheel ride?

  • 1

    Frame: The frame of a gravity wheel ride is typically made of high-quality steel or other sturdy metals for durability and strength. It is designed to withstand the weight of the ride and riders, as well as resist the forces generated when the ride is in motion.

  • 2

    Seats/Compartments: The seats or compartments of a gravity wheel ride are often made of reinforced plastic or fiberglass. These materials are chosen for their resilience, lightweight, and ability to withstand various weather conditions.

  • 3

    Safety Harness/Restraints: The safety harnesses or restraints are typically made of heavy-duty nylon or other resistant synthetic materials. These components are specifically designed to secure riders and withstand the forces that arise during the ride’s operations.

  • 4

    Mechanical Parts: The drive system, bearings, and other mechanical parts are made of high-quality metals, often steel or aluminum alloys. These parts are engineered for strength, durability, and smooth operation.

  • 5

    Aesthetic Elements: Aesthetic elements like color, lighting, and graphic designs are typically achieved with paint, LED lights, and high-duty vinyl wraps. They are designed to be resistant to weather and regular wear and tear.

  • 6

    Electrical System: Electrical components like control boards, motors, and lighting systems are made with industrial-grade materials that meet safety standards and can handle the consistent power requirements of the ride.

All materials used in gravity wheel rides are designed to meet safety standards, ensuring the ride’s longevity and safety for the riders.

Furthermore, our company produces many affordable and high quality spinning amusement rides. These include swing ride, carousel horse ride, bumper car ride, pendulum ride, mechanical bull ride, tea cup ride, ferris wheel, roller coaster, waltzer ride, energy storm ride, crazy dance ride, jumping kangaroo ride, self control plane, ladybug ride, air shot ride, jumping machine ride, disco tagada, and so on. If you are interested in these fun rides, please contact us to get a detailed quotation.