Mechanical bull ride for sale is a thrilling ride popular among 12 years old children and adults. When children and adults ride on the mechanical bull ride, they can increase their brave and experience its thrilling. However, do you know why is the mechanical bull thrilling for riders? Because it can rotate up and down, left and right, front and back at the same time with the music, children and adults can feel its thrilling and fun. What’s more, this mechanical bull spinning rides are widely used in the amusement park, commercial activities, party, indoor and outdoor playground, etc. Because of its popular and wide use, our company manufactures all kinds of fiberglass material mechanical bull rides for sale. These mechanical bull riding machines in our company are high quality and affordable.


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Main parameter of 5m mechanical bull ride for sale

Notes: the specification is a reference, more details, please contact us!

Product properties  Parameters Product properties Parameters
Capacity 1 person Power 2KW
Area Size 5 m Voltage 220V
Bull Size 2.2*1.1*1.6m Suitable places fairground, fair, carnival, park, commercial activities, etc.
Materials Fiberglass + PVC Certificate CE&ISO
Suitable Ages Adults & children Delivery Shipping
Color Customize Warranty 12 months

5m diameter mechanical bull for sale price

Notes: the price is a reference for you, detailed quotation, please contact us!

Do you know the mechanical bull for sale price? In general, this mechanical bull ride price is affordable. Because the mechanical bull ride for sale is a small spinning ride fior children and adults, you don’t need to pay more money to buy it.

Besides, if you buy 5m diameter mechanical bull ride, we suggest you know its price range. All in all, if you know mechanical bulls for sale prices before your buying, you can save money. According to our research, the price of a mechanical bull for sale is 1,000-5,000 dollars. However, you must know that many manufacturers use different materials to make mechanical bulls by different production processes, the price is different. Therefore, above mentioned price range is only a reference for you.

What’s more, our company holds an activity to reward old and new customers, many spinning amusement rides are discount price. Now order, give you a discount price. If you want to know our mechanical bull prices for sale or other amusement rides, please contact us to get a free quote.

Is the mechanical bull ride for sale safe for children and adults?

Is the mechanical bull ride safe for children and adults? Yes, it is safe for children and adults. But for the children, under 12 years old little kids shouldn’t be allowed to ride on the thrilling mechanical bull. Certainly, over 12 years old young generations and adults can ride on the spinning mechanical bull riding for sale.

Furthermore, our mechanical bull for sale has a sensor on the its back. So when adults and children fall down from the back of the bull, our mechanical bull ride will stop instantly. It doesn’t hurt children and adults. Importantly, our mechanical bull crazy spinning ride has the safe mattress to protect players when they fall down from this equipment.

In conclusion, you don’t worry, our company specially designs mechanical bull for adults for sale, and kids mechanical bull rides for sale, which are safe for kids and adults.

How to build a mechanical bull in a professional factory?

How to manufacture a mechanical bull ride for sale? Our factory use best material: fiberglass, Q235 steel, PVC inflatable plate, sponge, etc. to make mechanical riding bull for sale. Referred to this spinning amusement ride production, we not only use best materials but make it in  professional production processes.

All in all, our mechanical bull party equipment sale is not only made of best materials with professional production processes, but also made in professional workshops. For example, manufacturing mechanical bull fairground ride in our fiberglass workshop, steel workshop, paint workshop, and so on. Therefore, our professional mechanical bulls for sale is worthy of your investment.

Two Accessories

Main parts of mechanical bull amusement ride that you need to know

As we know, mechanical bull thrilling ride has many components. But you maybe don’t know more details of mechanical bull accessories. Today, we will introduce you two mechanical bull ride parts: control box and motor.

Mechanical bull control box

A mechanical bull control box for sale is a device that controls the operation and movement of a mechanical bull amusement park ride. It is typically a compact electronic control panel that allows the operator to manage various aspects of the ride, ensuring rider safety and an exciting experience.

In general, the control box includes these buttons: speed control button, operating time button, emergency stop button, ride mode selection button, etc. By the way, our factory uses PLC as mechanical bull for sale control box. Then, you can easily control and use mechanical bull inflatable for sale.

Mechanical bull motor

The motor of mechanical bull ride is responsible for generating the movements of the bull. Moreover, it provides the power and torque required to simulate the motions of a bucking bull.

However, for mechanical bull rides manufacturers in the world, how to choose motor? Maybe many companies use different electric motors. For our factory, we use Chinese famous brand electric motor, which is durable and high quality. Then, our spinning rides motors, which of mechniacl bull, swing ride, carousel ride, etc. can be used for many years.

What factors to consider when choosing a mechanical bull manufacturer?

You need to choose a reliable mechanical bull ride manufacturer, which is essential to ensure that you receive a high-quality, safe, and durable product. There are some factors to consider when choosing a mechanical bull manufacturer:


Use best materials

Use best materials: Because many manufacturers use different materials to make mechanical bull for sale, you carefully know what is the best material for producing high quality mechanical riding bull. In general, using fiberglass, Q235 steel and 0.55mm PVC cushion to produce mechanical bull riding machine for sale is best.


Having a good reputation

Having a good reputation: if you look for a manufacturer with a good reputation at home and abroad, you can sure that this company’s mechanical bull spinning rides are high quality and safe. So you must invest the company by the internet, customers feedback, etc.


Have enough experience

Have enough experience: you should look for a manufacturer with extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, and exporting mechanical bull rides for sale. If the company has enough experience in manufacturing and exporting amusement rides, you can get a high quality and affordable mechanical riding bull for sale.

All in all, according to above mentioned factors, you can choose our company. Our company is a professional and reliable amusement rides manufacturer. And we mainly produces and sells kids rides, family rides, thrilling rides, and carnival rides. What’s more, the mechanical bull amusement ride is one of our hot selling amusement rides. So if you buy mechanical bull ride for sale, please choose us.

How to transport mechanical bull amusement park ride?

For bull ride for sale transportation, our factory usually seperates mechanical bull park ride into several parts. These parts include bull ride, motor, control box, PVC inflatable plate, and so on. Then, these parts are packed by bubble, and put them into boxes. Finally, the whole mechanical bull ride is transported by shipping from our country to your country’s port nearby your home or your address.

All in all, you don’t worry, if we have mechanical bull ride in stock, we will quickly transport it after your order. Certainly, if we don’t have spot goods, we will quickly manufacture mechanical bull crazy spinning ride for you. Besides, we will send it quickly and timely. Moreoever, if you want to know specific shipping cost from our country to your country, please contact us to know.

Two best ways of using the mechanical bull rides for you

When you buy mechanical bull rotary thrilling ride, you hope that you can have a good business in many places. But do you know where can you use mechanical bulls for sale? Furthermore, our mechanical bull rides for sale can be used in many places. For example, you can also use it in the amusement park, square, indoor playground, shopping mall, school, scenic area, bar, etc.  Importantly, there are two best ways using mechanical bull for sale for your business.

You can use it in the commercial activities

If you have a company and you want to increase people to buy your goods, you can buy commercial mechanical bull ride. Why do we suggest you buy the mechanical bull amusement park ride? Because this mechanical bull is an attractive spinning ride, many people want to challenge it in your commercial activities. If you really hold a commercial activity with our commercial mechanical bull for sale, this activity will increase more and more people and help you sell your goods quickly.

You use mechanical bull at bar

Why do you use the mechanical bull at bar? Because mechanical bull ride can provide a unique and exciting form of entertainment for your bar customers. Maybe when your bar owns a mechanical bull spinning ride, your bar is different from other bars. Then, more and more customers like to go to your bar. Therefore, the mechanical bull ride for sale can provide an additional source of revenue for your bar well.

How to maintain the bull bucking machine?

Maintaining mechanical bull riding equipment can help prolong its lifespan and ensure user safety. Here are general guidelines:

Regular Checks: Regularly inspect the equipment to ensure all parts are working properly. Look for any signs of wear such as cracks, loose screws, or worn padding.

Cleaning: Keep the mechanical bull ride for sale clean. Regularly wipe down surfaces with a mild cleanser to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage materials.

Lubrication: Moving parts may need regular lubrication to ensure smooth operation. Refer to the electric bull riding equipment manufacturer’s guidelines for proper lubrication.

Repairs and Replacements: If any damaged or worn parts are detected, bull machine for sale should be repaired or replaced immediately. This might include replacing broken safety equipment or replacing the hide surface of the riding mechanical bull.

Operation and Storage: Proper operation and storage are also part of maintenance. Ensure operators are properly trained and store the equipment in a dry, shaded area when not in use.

FAQs about mechanical bull ride for sale

Yes, it is. The mechanical bull is surrounded by inflatable cushions, so riders won’t fall outside the cushion. And if a person falls, he will fall on the cushion, not the bull. 

Yes, kids are also suitable for riding on it. However, they can be thrown off very easily because they are weak and may not be able to easily hold on to the rope.

Yes, it is. The cushion is inflatable, so you can move it freely. And you can also invest it in mobile business, such as on square, carnival, attraction and other venues.

Selling our mechanical bull for sale in USA

In January 2023, one customer from USA have bought 5m diameter mechanical bull for his kids amusement park. He said that he inadvertently saw our mechanical bull video on the internet. He felt that the mechanical bull ride for sale is thrilling and interesting, so he contacted with us. When he knew our 5m mechanical riding bull price was reasonable and its quality was high, he decided to buy it for his kids amusement park.

Two months ago, he gave us a good feedback. He said that this mechanical bull ride really attracted more people to go to his park. Certainly, he decided to buy other amusement rides, including kids ferris wheel and ladybug ride for his kids amusement park.

To sum up, our company is a professional amusement equipment manufacturer. Thus, we design and produces all kinds of mechanical bull rides. What’s more, our company also designs, produces and sells spinning rides, thrilling rides, kids rides, and family rides. This include flying chair, teacup ride, train rides, trackless train ride, merry go round ride, disco tagada, ferris wheel, pirate ship, jumping kangaroo ride, bumper car, self control plane, roller coaster, pendulum ride, paratrooper ride, and so on. Besides, these amusement rides are high quality and affordable, so you freely buy them for your business. more details, please contact us to know!

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