Last August, a shopping mall owner in Malaysia contacted us about buying our teacup ride for sale. He aimed to design an event with some amusement rides for products promotion and improve consumer attraction of the mall.

This client sought indoor use, safe, and affordable tea cup ride for sale that would cater to various age groups and increase footfall.

Malaysia client who bought the tea cup ride
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Why did this Malaysia client choose our tea cup ride for sale?

This client chose us among many tea cup ride manufacturers because of the high quality materials, dedicated workmanship, and strict production process.

High quality materials

The materials of tea cup ride for sale sold to Malaysia includes FRP, international standard steels and eco-friendly paint.

FRP:  We make FRP by ourselves – with multi-layer fiberglass and polyester resin. What’s more, we never add talc powder to it. Thus, our coffee cup ride are so robust that you can even kick it hard and it won’t crack or break.

Steel: Our steels meet international standard, and each steel plate are with their own serial numbers.

Paint: We use old brand – 51 brand paint. This kind of paint is durable, wear-resistant and eco-friendly.

Dedicated workmanship

We have a factory over 20,000 square meters. And there are 11 workshops in our factory: riveting and welding workshops, FRP workshops, painting workshops, assembly workshops, etc. Dedicated workers focus on details and provide you with almost perfect products.

Production of tea cup ride

Production of tea cup ride

Production of tea cup ride

Rigorous production process

We supervise the production process very strictly. For example, we use magnetic particle inspection technology, ultrasonic technology and penetrant reagents to detect whether there are cracks. Besides, for FRP, our workers try their best to make it smooth and without potholes.

In addition, the spinning tea cups ride will be tested multiple times before delivery to ensure its safety.

Sales Process of tea cup ride for sale sold to Malaysia:

After checking out our spinning cups ride website, the client contacted us. Our sales team asked his requirement and preferences of tea pot ride. And we showed him the videos and pictures of teacup fair ride running. And then, we invited him to visit our factory, and he was satisfied with our production environment and factory strength.

He put forward some requirements for the specifications and styles of spinning teacup ride. Finally, we designed the spinning coffee cup in a overflowing style and medium size according to his requirement and venue size.

In addition, we communicated with him about other factors such as delivery cost and wholesale price. In the end we happily completed the transaction at a moderate price.

Yudinis employees

Yudinis factory workers

Yudinis factory workers

Yudinis factory workers

Delivery and Installation of coffee cup ride

The rotating tea cup was shipped disassembled, and each part was carefully packaged and secured to minimize any potential damage. Once arrived, our team worked closely with the client to facilitate the installation process before the event’s start date.

We provided instructions and assistance to ensure that the spinning coffee mug was installed correctly and safely. Our client expressed satisfaction with our professionalism and the quality of our products. If you need building instructions, we provide installation videos, flowcharts and assistance staffs for you.

Delivery of cup ride in Yudinis
Delivery of cup ride in Yudinis

After-Sales Support:

We also warmly provide maintenance methods of spinner coffee mugs for them. The maintenance methods include: often clean, check regularly, maintain core components, cover in rainy days, check before use everyday. These maintenance methods can prolong machine life and ensure the riders’ safety.

Result of tea cup ride for sale sold to Malaysia:

The promotion event in the shopping mall of this client was a success. Teacup ride for sale attracted many kids and their parents to the mall and brought huge profits to this client. This client is so satisfied with our coffee cup ride, and consider continuing to cooperate with us in the future.

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