Samba balloon ride for sale is a new type of spinning amusement ride, which is popular with children. In general, you will mainly see that many children ride samba balloon ride in the amusement park, children playground, theme park, resort hotel, entertainment center, etc. Then, why is it popular with children in many places? Because when balloon race ride is running, it rotates up and down between 1 m and 1.5 m, so kids has an interesting and funny feeling. Besides, it has an attractive smooth appearance and many cute balloon decorations. So it will attract more and more children. However, do you know how many samba balloon rides for sale in our company? There are 6 cabins, 8 cabins, 10 cabins, 12 cabins samba balloon rides in our company. These different sizes balloon race rides made by fiberglass, Q235 steel, and drawn by Chinese famous paint.


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Where to use samba balloon ride for sale to do a better business?

Samba balloon used in the amusement park

Where can you use samba balloon rides? You can use it in the amusement park. Because with the development of society, people’s living standard is increased. Then, people like to enjoy life, and like to go to the amusement park with their children, friends, and families. So amusement park is the best place to make money. After all, many people play in the amusement park every day. If 100 persons ride on your samba balloon amusement equipment, and every person pay 15 dollars for it. Then, you can make 1,500 dollars every day in the amusement park.

Using samba race ride in the carnival

Samba balloon ride for sale can be used in the carnival. When carnival is coming, many cities will hold activities. So the carnival is a good occasion for you to start a samba balloon spinning ride business. if you start a portable business, our company can provide you samba balloon ride with trailer. Then, you can use our samba balloon amusement ride to do a business from a town to carnival activities. To sum up, whatever you use it, you only use trailer to move it. Certainly, our samba balloon amusement ride has an attractive appearance, colorful cabins, cute balloon decoration, LED lights, sweet music. So more and more young generation like to ride on it in the carnival activities.

Putting balloon ride for sale in the resort hotel

If you have a hotel in the resort, you need to buy some amusement rides to increase people. Moreover, small merry go round, samba balloon rides, small swing ride are popular funfair rides among kids. So these small spinning rides are available for you  to attract people. Quickly, your hotel will be an internet celebrity check-in resort, which will attract many visitors to go to your hotel. Furthermore, due to the hotel brings kids happiness, their parents firstly choose your hotel. Then, your hotel makes more money quickly by using these small spinning rides.

How to choose a reliable samba balloon amusement ride manufacturer?

When you buy samba balloon ride for sale, you must choose a reliable samba balloon amusement equipment manufacturer. However, how to choose a reliable samba balloon ride manufacturer?

  • Firstly, you can search samba balloon ride for sale on the internet. Because when you search it, you will find many manufacturer. But you must filter and make sure that you contact with factory rather than third party.

  • Secondly, when you choose some companies, you must know about these companies details. For example, you know its production processes, samba balloon’s material, etc.

  • Thirdly, you must know many samba balloon rides’ factories certification. Because only if the company has many professional certification, its balloon race rides fit standard.

  • Fourthly, before you buy samba balloon ride, you must know some successful cases from company. If this company has many successful cases, the company is a real reliable manufacturer.

If you don’t want to spend time to find, you can directly contact with our company. Our company, SR, is professional, strong, and reliable. Firstly, our company uses best materials: FRP, Q235 steel to produce samba balloon rides for sale. Secondly, we have exported many spinning rides, family rides, thrilling rides, amusement park rides to many countries every year. What’s more, if you buy samba balloon ride for sale in our company, we will give you discount. In short, you will get a high-quality samba balloon ride in a reasonable price.

Can you customize samba race ride in our company?

Can you customize samba balloon ride for sale in our company? Yes, you can customize samba balloon ride in our company. Because our company is a professional amusement ride manufacturer, and we can provide you a customize service.

customize color

First, if you want to change samba balloon ‘s color, our company can provide you customize service. As you know, samba balloon rides for sale have many colors. These colors include white, blue, red, green, colorful, and so on. For example, if you change the samba balloon color from blue to colorful, our company can meet your requirement.

customize capacity

Secondly, you want to customize samba balloon rides’ capacity, and our company can help you realize. For instance, for your small area, you can customize small 6 cabins balloon race ride. However, for your large area, you customize large 12 cabins balloon ride for sale.

customize logo

Thirdly, if you want to add a logo on samba balloon appearance, our company can help you realize. Certainly, we not only add a logo on the appearance of samba balloon rides, but also add more decorations or drawing pictures.

How can you maintain samba balloon ride in daily use?

If you hope that samba balloon ride for sale has a long life, you must learn how to maintain samba balloon. As long as you carefully maintain it, the spinning balloon ride for sale has a long life.

When using the samba balloon ride for a long time, you must examine it from inside to outside. What’s more, you need to check its damaged parts. For example, if you find the screws of samba balloon rides are loosen, you need to tight the screws. Besides, if the samba balloon’s appearance is dusty, you need to clean its appearance with cloth. Because appearance of our samba balloon ride for sale is FRP material, it can be maintained easily. So you only maintain and check the samba balloon amusement ride for sale on time.

customize color in our paint room
balloon made with fiberglass in our free-dusty room

How much money is Samba balloon ride for sale worth?

Notes: this price range is a reference, specific price, please contact us!

price range 1

common samba balloon

price range:15,000-20,000 dollars

price range 2

portable samba balloon

price range: $ 15,000-30,000

As we know, different companies have a different price about balloon ride for sale. So when you buy a samba balloon spinning ride, you must know its price range. As if you know its price range, you can save money.

Generally speaking, there is a third party between you and samba balloon rotary ride factory. If you want to save money when buying samba balloon ride for sale, you must contact with a factory directly. For example, if a common samba balloon ride’s price is 13,000 dollars, middleman’s price is 15,000 dollars. Because middleman wants to earn the difference.

Although different size samba balloons have a different price, you should know about the price range of samba balloon funfair ride. For example, classic samba balloon’s price is about 10,000-15,000 dollars. Besides, the price of portable balloon race ride with trailer is about 15,000-20,000 dollars.

If you are interested in samba balloon spinning ride business, you can contact with us to know details of balloon ride for sale. Furthermore, if want to know our company samba balloon’s price, please get a free quote. Now order, give you a discount.

In conclusion, our company is a professional amusement ride manufacturer and supplier. Our company not only produces samba balloon ride for sale, but also other spinning ride, including swing ride, self control plan, jumping kangaroo ride, ferris wheel, pendulum, carousel ride, etc. If you want to know more details about our spinning rides, please contact with us.