Do you know, how to build 3000 square meter amusement park? You must know it is a complex thing to build an amusement park. What’s more, you also need to pay more attention to all things, including selecting park area, planning park area, raising funds, building infrastructure, choosing a reliable amusement park ride manufacturer, picking up some high quality amusement rides, installing amusement rides, and so on. However, the best important thing of these processes is choosing a reliable amusement park ride manufacturer. Then, you buy high quality and attractive amusement park rides in the reliable manufacturer.


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However, do you know how to choose amusement park rides for sale for your 3000㎡area? You don’t worry, and our company gives you a professional suggestion.

First, you can buy 12 ground grit bumper cars with 250㎡floors. Every ground grid bumper car size area is 1.8*1.1*0.9m. Certainly, these bumper car rides are classic fairground rides, which are popular among 5-15 years old children, over 15 years old kids and adults. When kids and adults ride on the dodgem rides, they can have a thrilling and interesting feeling.

Second, 24 seats flying chair ride is a suitable for your area. As we know, the swing ride is an attractive and popular amusement ride. When the 24 seats swing carousel ride rotates with colorful LED lights, more and more children can be attracted easily. Besides, area size of 24 seats flying chair ride for sale is only 13*13m. so the 24 seats wave swinger ride is suitable for your park.

You Can Plan Kids Fun Park Like This Designed Picture

Third, 12 seats self control plane is also a popular spinning ride for 3-15 years old children and adults. Importantly, adults and their children can ride on the same cabin by pressing button to control its rising and falling by themselves. So this self control plane with 12 seats can cultivate kids’ hands-on ability. However, this 12 seats luxury self control plane ride area size is suitable, only 11m diameter.

Fourth, you buy 16 seats sea carousel ride for your fairground. Why to suggest you choose this 16 seats sea carousel ride for sale? Because this 16 seats sea carousel has a ocean-themed appearance with many colorful lights. Besides, this ocean carousel ride has sea animal decorations and sea animal seats for riders. Therefore, it becomes a necessary rotary ride in many amusement parks.

fairground dodgems for kids

Fifth, this 24 seats samba balloon is suitable for amusement park. This 24 seats samba balloon ride area size is only 10m diameter, which is suitable for your area. Moreover, this 24 seats samba balloon ride is a hot selling spinning ride in our company, which is popular among 3-15 years old kids and adults. So if you buy this samba balloon for your park, it can increase tourists for your park.

Sixth, your amusement park is so large that you must use your area reasonably. Therefore, you also buy a thrilling ride caterpillar roller coaster with 18 seats for your park. Why should you choose caterpillar roller coaster ride? Because caterpillar coaster ride is a classical thrilling ride, and many people like to ride worm roller coaster in the park. Besides, its area size is 25*13m, and its track size is 12*24m. All in all, it is a suitable amusement equipment for your 3000㎡park.

Classic Self-Controlled Plane Designed by DInis
samba balloon amusement ride for sale with colorful balloons

Finally, if you have enough budget, you also buy trackless train ride for sale. Certainly, if you are strong to build an amusement park, you also buy other amusement rides for your park. Above mentioned amusement rides are high quality and attractive, which are available for your amusement park.

To sum up, if you want to build an amusement park, please choose our company. We not only provide you high quality amusement equipment, but also provide you some perfect services. If you want to see the planning picture of your area, we provide you a free CAD model picture. Furthermore, if you need to customize amusement park rides for sale, we also provide you a customized service. Certainly, our company also provides you a professional and perfect after-sale service. Importantly, no matter what sizes amusement park you plan, our company can provide you professional suggestion.

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