Do you know how many hot selling spinning fairground rides in our company? There are many hot selling spinning funfair rides. Our octopus ride for sale, paratrooper ride for sale, Ferris wheel, teacup ride, and self control plane are top 5 spinning amusement park rides. Importantly, these hose selling rotating fairground rides are high quality and affordable, so many amusement parks managers choose our spinning funfair ride for their parks. Why do they choose these spinning amusement park rides for their parks? Our these spinning fun fair rides have attractive appearance, beautiful decorations, sweet music, and colorful LED lights. So when children and young generations see them, they are quickly attracted by these spinning amusement park rides. Then, they can’t wait to experience these rotary rides. To conclude, these fairground ride spinning are suitable for your parks to attract tourists.


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What are the different types of fairground rides spinning?

There are many classical spinning fairground rides, including octopus ride for sale, paratrooper ride for sale, ferris wheel, tea cup ride, self control plane, and so on. However, do you know more details about these amusement park spinning rides? We can introduce more details for you.

Octopus ride for sale

If you have a big amusement park, you can buy our 5 arms octopus ride for sale. Why do you choose our 5 arms octopus ride? Firstly, every arm of octopus rides has 4 attractive cabins, and 2 persons can ride on the every cabins. So its capacity is enough, and 40 children and adults can ride octopus amusement ride one time. Besides, the rotary octopus ride area size is 15*6mH, so your big fairground is suitable to use octopus amusement equipment.

octopus ride with dragon decorations popular with kids
12 seats double flying chair ride popular with kids and adults

Paratrooper ride for sale

Paratrooper ride is one of our hot selling thrilling spinning rides. When children and their friends ride on paratrooper amusement park ride, they experience its thrilling and fun. Why is paratrooper fairground ride thrilling? Because the paratrooper amusement ride has a 19.5°tilting angle, and it also rises 2-3m when rotating. Thus, when children ride on it, they feel thrilling and interesting.

Tea cup ride for sale

If you buy a spinning fairground ride for your amusement park, you choose our teacup ride. Do you know how many sizes and themes of tea cup rides you can choose? For sizes, there are 6 cups, 9 cups, 12 cups, and customized teacups ride for you. For themes, there are spider-man theme, animal bee theme, vintage theme, and other classic themes for you. Certainly, whatever tea cup ride you choose, it will increase more and more people in your fairground.

Besides, in our company, Ferris wheel, self control plane, disco tagada are also hot selling spinning fairground rides. Certainly, our company also manufactures and sells thrilling rides, family rides, children rides, etc. Therefore, you can choose these hot selling and high quality spinning amusement park rides for your park.

Where can you buy spinning fun fair rides?

Where can you buy spinning fun fair rides? You can buy spinning funfair rides in our company.  If you choose our company, you will experience  our these advantages as following:

  • First, our company is a professional amusement rides manufacturer in China with over 20 years experience.
  • Second, our spinning fairground rides are produced by fiberglass and Q235 steel, so these equipment are high quality.
  • Third, our amusement park spinning rides have a long life time, so you can use them for many years.
  • Fourth, our rotary rides with double safe devices can keep tourists safe.
  • Fifth, as a leading manufacturer, our company designs and produces all kinds of amusement rides, including swing ride, merry go round, ferris wheel, tea cup ride, roller coaster, trackless train, inflatable castle, pendulum ride, pirate ship, etc.

What’s more, our company usually holds an activity to reward customers. So we can get many high quality spinning amusement park rides with a reasonable price. In conclusion, if you want to buy amusement attraction for your parks, our company is worth for you choice.

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What ages can ride on the spinning amusement park rides?

What ages can ride on spinning amusement park rides? All ages can ride on amusement park spinning rides. Besides, for different ages tourists in your parks, our company is able to provide different amusement equipment.

3-8 years old children can ride on spinning funfair ride.

If you decide to buy spinning fun fair ride for 3-8 years old, our company provides you kids Ferris wheel. This kids Ferris wheel has many colorful cute cabins, and many beautiful decorations on the cabins appearance and central axis. So 3-8 years old kids will like to ride kids Ferris wheel to go sightseeing in your amusement parks.

8-16 years old children ride on the spinning fairground ride.

However, what is spinning amusement park ride suitable for 8-16 years old children?  Self control plane and are suitable for 8-16 years old children. They can ride on these equipment to have a thrilling and funny experience. Besides, our company also provides you big merry go round and swing rides for 8-16 years old.

Over 16 years old and adults also ride amusement park spinning rides.

For over 16 years old persons, we provide you paratrooper ride for sale, teacup amusement ride for sale, and roller coaster ride. These amusement equipment can bring a thrilling and exciting feeling for riders. Generally speaking, over 16 years old persons like to ride thrilling fairground rides. If your parks have these thrilling spinning rides, more people like to go to your parks.

fairground spinning ride video:

You can know ferris wheel details by see this ferris wheel video. More details about other spinning amusement park rides, please contact us to know.

What safe devices of spinning fairground rides does our company set for tourists?

As we all know, safe is an important thing for you to start amusement rides business. Therefore, you must choose professional manufacturer, whose high quality spinning fairground rides have professional safe devices. Like our company, we always set double safe devices for our amusement rides. These two safe devices include safe belts and automatic pressure bar cockpit. Besides, we also add fences to keep little children safe when they are riding spinning amusement park rides, like Ferris wheel.

Do you know automatic pressure bar cockpit? This auto pressure bar cockpit is very safe for riders. When people ride on it, you need to push down the pressure bar. If one tourist doesn’t push down the bar, our amusement rides don’t operate. Then, when the equipment stop, the automatic pressure bar will open, so it is very safe for tourists.

All in all, if you build an amusement park or expand your park, you can choose our company to buy these spinning fairground rides. What’s more, our company provides not only children spinning amusement rides, but also thrilling spinning rides for your parks. Now order, give you a discount. If you want to know these rotating fairground rides selling price, please contact us.