Jumping car ride is a popular spinning ride, which is commonly used in many places. Do you know where can you use it? You can use the jumping car amusement ride in the amusement park, theme park, square, school, resort, scenic area, children playground, and so on. In our company, our jumping car rides are high quality and attractive. Why is it high quality and attractive? Because they have many car-shaped cabins, beautiful decorations and colorful LED lights, car jumping rides are attractive. Besides, these jumping car amusement park rides are manufactured by fiberglass and Q235 steel, so they are high quality.

Besides, the car cabins will rotate up and down around the cute & beautiful central column. Then, the jumping car fairground rides provide a funny and exciting experience for children and adults. So it is quickly popular with children and adults in the parks. Moreover, there are 16 seats, 20 seats, 24 seats, and customized jumping car funfair rides for sale in our company.


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4 steps to help you buy high quality jumping car amusment rides.

If you’re looking to buy a high-quality jumping car ride for your amusement park, there are some steps you can take:

However, if you want to buy jumping car ride for sale in a reliable company, you can choose our company. Our company is a reliable and strong jumping car amusement equipment manufacturer. Besides, our jumping car rotary rides are made by fiberglass and best steel. So our car jump rides are high quality, and their appearance are smooth and bright.

High Quality Material

What materials can our company use to produce jumping car rides?

What materials can we use to produce jumping rides car? We use FRP to make jumping car kids rides’ appearance, including central column with decorations, car-themed cabins. Maybe you will ask what materials its frame and arms use. We tell you that we use international standard Q235 steel to manufacture jumping cars’ frame and arms. Moreover, why do we use FRP and Q235 steel to produce jumping cars for sale?


Because fiberglass has many advantages: Firstly, FRP is a composite material, which is suitable to make amusement equipment. Next, FRP can be formed easily and it also anti-corrosion and anti-water. So our FRP jumping car amusement rides have a long life.


Because Q235 steel also has many advantages: Firstly, the Q235 steel is a good steel, which fits international standard. Additionally, it can be welded easily and it is hard and steady during different environments. Therefore, our kids jumping car rides appearance are smooth&bright for many years.

Features of jumping car carnival rides in our company

  • It has attractive appearance: Because it has colorful LED lights, beautiful decorations on the appearance, its appearance is attractive.

  • Jumping car brings children more fun: when children sit this car-themed cabins, they can experience more fun.

  • It makes you get a good return quickly: it makes you get a good return quickly. Besides, your investment fee is lower than other thrilling rides.

  • It is easily controlled: it is a free-maintenance amusement ride, so you can easily maintain and easily control it.

  • It occupies less area: the jumping car kids ride area size is small, so it occupies less area in your park.

  • Its color is bright: because we use Chinese famous paint, its color is bright. Besides, if also can change its color in our company.

  • It is high quality: because we use fiberglass to produce the jumping car amusement ride, it is high quality.

Specifications of car jumping ride in our company

In general, the specification of different jumping car fairground rides is different. Generally speaking, there are 16 seats, 24 seats, 32 seats jumping car carnival rides for sale in the amusement equipment market. For example, 16 seats jump car amusement ride’s height is 4 m, and its area size is diameter 7 m. In addition, its voltage is 110v/220v/380v. However, 24 seats car jumping ride’s height is 4.7 m, and its area size is diameter 8 m. Besides, its speed is 5.5rpm, but it can be adjusted freely.

Furthermore, in our company, there are many jumping car spinning rides for sale. Because our company has a customize service, you can customize all kinds of jumping rides car freely. Certainly, you can customize its cabins size, cabins numbers, color, logo, etc. according to your needs.

Three places suitable for you to use jumping car rides for sale

How much can you cost to buy jumping car rides?

jumping car amusement ride price range: $ 7,000-15,000

(Notes: this price range is a reference, please contact us to get specific price!)

When you buy a jumping car fairground ride, you will consider whether its price is suitable for your budgets or not. Besides, you should know following things:

  • You must know about whether the company is a real jump car rides manufacturer or not. Because this can avoid you contact with the middlemen. Generally speaking, real jumping car rotary rides manufacturer will give you a factory direct price. So you can save money.
  • You should know whether the materials of jumping car ride fits international standard. Because if jumping car fun rides don’t fit the standard, you can’t sure that it is safe for riders. So you must know details carefully.
  • You need to know the price range about small spinning ride jumping car. In general, the price range of jump ride car is about 7,000-15,000 dollars in many factories. Certainly, different materials and different production process jump car rides have different selling prices. Above mentioned price range is a reference for you.

To sum up, if you want to find a reliable jumping car amusement equipment manufacturer, you can choose our company. Our company is a real amusement rides factory, which designs, manufactures, and exports all kinds of funfair rides. For example, you can choose swing rides, merry go round, pendulum ride, happy jellyfish ride, octopus ride, ladybug ride, ferris wheel, paratrooper ride, teacup ride, disco tagada, self control plane, mechanical bull ride, etc. in our company. These amusement rides are attractive, high quality, and the prices are affordable. Certainly, if you want to know our jumping car ride price or other amusement rides price, please contact us.