Tea cup ride for sale as an interesting amusement ride, is popular in many places. Tea cup ride has a teapot as central column, and many cups around the central teapot. In addition, you could not only use it in your backyard, garden, but also in the amusement park, theme park, Christmas, carnival, and fair.

Undoubtedly, wherever you use the teacup ride for sale, it can easily attract more children and young couples. Why does it attract more children? Firstly, spinning teacup ride’s capacity is 4 people in general, so kids experience its thrilling together with their friends. And couples can enjoy the thrill together which create memorable experiences. Next, it has bright color FRP material appearance, and many attractive decorations on its appearance. So when young generations see the spinning tea cup ride, they will want to ride it. Moreover, our company will provide you various kinds of spinning tea cup rides. Importantly, if you want to customize teacup rides color, size, styles, capacities, our company meets your requirement. And we are glad to give you an economical price.


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Spinning teacup ride’s videos

My friends, please see these videos. Though these videos, you will know about coffee cup ride’s rotation, apperance, production processes, etc. Then, you also compare it with other teacup ride manufacturers.

Top sale teacup rides for sale in Dinis factory

new design teacup ride

new design teacup ride

kiddie teacup ride

bear theme cup ride

portable teacup ride for sale suitable for your mobile business

Portable teacup ride

classical tea cup ride

classical tea cup ride

Spider-Man themed tea cup ride for 8-15 years old children

Spider-man screw nut cup ride

colorful tea cup

colorful teacup ride

vintage teacup ride

4 seats FRP bee teacup ride for kids

bee theme cup ride

Main parameters of different teacup rides for sale in DINIS

Notes: specification of amusement park teacup ride is a reference, more details, please contact us!

Name bee cup ride 4 cups coffee cup ride 6 cups teacup ride 9 cups tea cup ride
Capacity 4 persons 16 persons 24 persons 36 persons
Material FRP+Steel FRP+Steel FRP+Steel FRP+Steel
Power 3kw 1.5kw 3.5kw 7.5kw
Height 3m 2m 3m 3m
Diameter 3m 3.6m 6m 9m
Speed 1.2m/s 1.2m/s 1.8m/s 1.8m/s

Do you choose which teacup rides for different occasions?

Certainly, if you want to buy other teacup amusement park ride for your home, school, fairground, and children playground, we also provide you other themes amusement parks teacups for sale. What’s more, these teacup fairground rides for sale are high quality, and their color are bright and appearance are smooth. Thus, our coffee cup amusement ride is very suitable for your use.

How to choose teacup ride for different ages in our company?

If you buy teacups ride for sale for different ages, you should choose a professional manufacturer to buy suitable one.

How to purchase a teacup amusement ride?

For amusement ride like tea cup ride, we recommend you to buy it from manufacturers. Both suppliers and dealers purchase from manufacturers and then sell to investors at a higher price. As manufacturers have their own factories, the price will be lower.

Our company as a professional manufacturer, are with more than 20 years sales experience. We boast a factory more than 20,000 square meters and around 200 workers. Additionally, we have complete production process and several workshops each with different functions. We welcome you to come to visit our factory.

Regarding to tea cup rides, we use exquisite craftsmanship to produce FRP material. We use pure FRP without talcum powder to produce the body of big teacup. For steel, we use national standard steel board which have their own serial numbers. And we use famous 51 brand paint which is not easy to fade. These materials make tea cup rides robust, wear-resistant and durable.

the certificate of quality management system

Our company has exported teacup amusement ride for sale in UK, USA, Korea, India, Africa, Germany, Japan, Spanish, Russia, and so on. In 2022, one customer from UK has bought 9 cups teacup ride for sale, 36 seats swing carousel, and 24 seats self control plane, and inflatable castle for his amusement park.

During he bought these spinning rides, our company has held a discount activity to reward old and new customers. So we give him a discount, and he save money. Besides, two month ago, he said that he has a good benefit every day. Then, he said that he would decide to buy thrilling rides for his amusement park. Importantly, his friends also bought our vintage carousel ride to start a portable business in a fair or walking street.

Do you know how the tea cup ride for sale works?

The rotating coffee cup amusement ride is mainly composed of a large turntable, small turntable and many cups. There are many small turntables on the big turntable, and many cups on each small turntable. In addition, the coffee cup ride rotates around the central axis, each small turntable also rotates around the center of large turntable with the speed of 1.2 m/s.

Besides, the working principle of the tea cup ride is based on centrifugal force, which is the force that pulls an object away from the center of rotation. Thus, when riders sit on it, the spinning motion of the teacup amusement ride creates a feeling of weightlessness and excitement for them.


1. Age Restrictions:

We recommend kids under 3 years old and seniors aged 65 and above not ride teacup rides. The thrill of it may scare them or do harm to them. Besides, kids under 7 years old had better to be accompanied by adults.

2. Health status:

These people are not recommend to ride it: heart problems, seriously ill, high blood pressure, pregnancy, neck or back issues, fractures, or those who have not fully recovered from a fracture.

A typical spinning tea cup ride lasts for approximately 3 to 5 minutes per ride. This duration allows riders to enjoy the spinning motion and the overall experience without it becoming overly long or tiring. Besides, ride duration may differ from one amusement park or carnival to another. You could adjust the duration according to the human traffic.

The prices of teacup rides range from $8,500 to $12,000. And prices depend on the design, sizes, seats amount and styles of tea cup rides. If you need our workers to help with the installation, the prices may be a little higher.

Yes, we can customize the size according to your needs. Compared with normal sized tea cup rides, mini teacup rides are with less amounts of “cups”. And its chassis is also smaller. Besides, we could also customize large tea cup ride according to your requirement. However, every “cup” and its passenger capacity is fixed.

Yes. It is decorated with several colorful LED lights which is so bright and shining at night. Thus, riders can ride it even in the evening and dark places. These multi-colored LED lights add charm to your venues. At night, kids and their family go out and find fun, tea cup ride is a perfect choice.

Our company is a professional tea cup ride for sale manufacturer, which has special parts production factory, free-dusty room, roast paint room, and fiberglass room. So we can provide you high quality teacup rides for sale and other rotary rides, family rides, thrilling rides, children rides. What’s more, our company has many production and export experiences. So our many amusement rides, including swing ride, waltzer ride, self control plane, merry go round ride, roller coaster, samba balloon ride, ferris wheel, jumping kangaroo, disco tagada, etc. are high quality and hot selling. If you want to know more details and special selling price, please contact us. Now order, give you a discount.