Compared with large spinning horse ride, mini carousel horses have smaller diameters and fewer seats. They are suitable for kids and adults. And they can be invested in amusement parks, malls, parks, waterfronts, attractions, restaurants, backyards, etc. Dinis as a professional manufacturer, providing high quality yet economical small carousel for sale. We provide various styles of small carousels for sale: coin-operated, double-decker, antique, Christmas, ocean theme.

fiberglass coin op carousel ride for sale popular among 3-10 years old

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The specific parameters of small carousel for sale

We provide 3, 6, 12, 16 seats small carousel rides for sale.

Notes: Parameters are for reference only. For more details, please contact us!

  3 seats 6 seats 12 seats 16 seats
Material FRP&Steel FRP&Steel FRP&Steel FRP&Steel
Diameter 1.4m 3.3m 5.3m 6m
Height 2.6m 2.8m 6.2m 6.8m
Motor Power 500w 1.1Kw 2.2Kw or 3Kw 2.2Kw or 3Kw
Voltage 220V 220V or 380V 220V or 380V 220V or 380V
Speed 0.8m/s 0.8m/s 0.8m/s 0.8m/s
Space area 1.5m*1.5m 3m*3m 6.5m*6.5m 8*8m

Besides mini carousel horses, we also provide large carousels for sale with 24, 30 or 36 seats.

What is the small carousel age limit?

There are two types of small carousel for sale: those with fewer seats but the normal seat size and those with fewer seats, small seats and low ceilings.

The former is suitable for children, adults and seniors under 65 years old. The latter is suitable for kids under 13 years old. In general, 16 and 12 seats mini carousels for sale are with normal sized seats. 6 and 3 seats mini carousel rides for sale are with smaller sized seats.

What styles of small carousel for sale do we have?

We have: Small portable carousel for sale; Fairy tale characters miniature carousel horses; Antique mini carousel for sale; Sea themed mini carousel horse for sale; Christmas mini carousel ride for sale; Double-decker mini merry go round for sale; and Coin-operated miniature carousel for sale. In addition, we can customize the themes of carousels according to your requirements.

portable carousel for sale

Small portable carousel for sale

For movable business like carnival, you may buy our portable mini size merrygoround for sale. Portable miniature carousel for sale is with a trailer which is easy to pull. It is very robust to afford the weight of small carousel horse for sale. From 3 seats to 16 seats, we can customize portable small carousel horse ride for sale for your business.

animal themed seats of carousel merry go round for sale

Fairy tale characters small carousel ride for sale

This style of small merry go rounds for sale are decorated with some fairy tale characters patterns. These characters patterns excite the imaginations of children. These mini carousel horses are pink in usual. Besides, we can customize the colors and characters according to your needs.

6 seat amusement park carousel kids rides for sale with luxury decorations

Antique small merry go round for sale

Antique carousel mini is one of the 5 best-selling carousels in our company. Their classic style deeply attract customers. They are decorated with many European-style patterns, which can bring a historical flavor. People ride carousels like they ride in the palace.

3-6 seats sea carousel manufactured in our company

Sea themed merry go round small for sale

Sea themed merry go round miniature creates a sea world for riders. The seats of mini carousel are many kinds of sea creatures, which add fun to it. Sea themed mini carousel horses are popular among kids. The children riding them are like riding sea creatures in the sea.

Christmas merry go round for sale

Christmas mini carousel ride for sale

If you want to celebrate Christmas in your venue or backyard, you may buy a Christmas themed mini carousels. Their red and green colors, colorful LED lights, are filled with a festive atmosphere. Whether it’s to expand your business or celebrate the Christmas, buying a mini merry go round Christmas themed is festive and fun.

6 seats coin operated mini carnival carousel for sale with colorful lights

Coin-operated miniature carousel for sale

Coin-operated miniature carousels are with 3 or 6 seats. They are convenient for your business for you don’t need to be around all the time to collect tickets. Additionally, coin-operated miniature carousel horses can be configured to match your country’s coins.

double decker carousel ride

Double-decker miniature merry go round for sale

Small double-decker carousel for sale is with a rotating staircase, and it occupies a bit of a large area. Compared with single-decker small carousel horse rides, they are more luxurious. Riding the carousel on the second floor also has a feeling of flying in the air.

Where do I buy the affordable small carousel?

We provide small carousel horses at economical price. The unit price of the small carousel for sale depends on the quantity you buy. The more you buy, the lower the unit price.

The price of a 3-seater carousel ranges from $700-$1300. The price of a 6-seat carousel ranges from $3,000 to $3,500. And the price of a 12-seater carousel ranges from $15,000 to $18,000. The price of a 16-seater carousel is $20,000.

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What are the characteristics of a high-quality small carousels?

The characteristics of a high quality small merry go rounds are: robust, wear-resistant, resistant to rain and wind.

The national standard steels

To make the robust structure of small carousel for sale, we use national standard steels. Each piece of steel has a separate number. Regarding welding, we use magnetic particle inspection processes, penetrant testing and ultrasonic testing. Through these processes we can detect where there are tiny cracks or holes.

steel structure of carousel

The FRP material

In addition, to ensure that the appearance of merry go round small is resistant to wind and sun, we use top notch FRP. We manufacture FRP in-house from layers of fiberglass filaments and polyester resin. Some manufacturers add talcum powder to FRP to use cheaper raw materials and make the FRP appear thicker. However, FRP with added talc is easy to crack. In contrast, we pledge not to use talc. The FRP we make is very strong, smooth, and will not crack even if you kick it. Moreover, it is wear-resistant and can be used for many years.

fiberglass carousel ride for sale produced in our free-dusty room

Where can you invest small carousel in?

Small carousel for sale is suitable for small fairgrounds, parks, carnivals, backyards, indoor venues like malls, etc.

How small carnival carousel for sale can make your business profitable?

At carnival, many kids and adults will celebrate and have fun. Merry go rounds as classic amusement rides, deeply attracts kids, parents and couples.

You may buy our small portable carousel for sale for carnival and other movable business. Portable small carousel horses are easy to move and install. There are 12 or 16 seats in small carousels; you can charge $3-4 per person, and you can make thousands of US dollars a day. Carousel for sale small undoubtedly bring you large profits.

Why do we recommend you invest in small merry go rounds in malls?

Shopping malls are places with a lot of traffic, and many customers are parents with children. And kids are easily attracted by charming small carousel horses. Besides, kids can ride the carousel while adults shop. Therefore, if you buy a mini merry go round in your mall, it will bring huge profits to you.

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