Last October, we sold a waltzer fair ride to a client in UK. What is the waltzer ride? Waltzer fair ride is a thrilling amusement ride that can rise and fall as it spins. And riders can experience the excitement of ups and downs. The waltzer amusement ride not only brings profits to our client’s venue, but also attracts more customers.

Additionally, Waltzer ride for sale UK is suitable for kids and adults, and suitable for investing in many venues. As a reliable manufacturer, we provide safe and quality waltzer for sale. Besides, the waltzer ride price is also affordable.

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Iraw client visit and bought a waltzer ride
waltzer ride with safe devices safe for children



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Why did they choose us among waltzer ride manufacturers?

As a trustworthy waltzer ride manufacturers manufacturer, our company has about 21 years of sales experience. We own a factory with more than 20000 square meters and about 230 employees. Last year, we invited this client to visit our factory, and he recognized the strength of our company.

Production technology and processes of Waltzer ride for sale UK

For waltzers fair ride, we use high technologies. We use magnetic particle inspection, fluorescent penetrant inspection, and ultrasonic inspection. These high technologies can ensure the safety of riders.

And the production processes are under strict supervision. There are 11 workshops in our factory, including welding and riveting, assembly, FRP grinding, spray painting workshop, etc.

new designed waltzer amusement ride
Q235 steel frame and FRP decorations of spinning ferris wheel ride for sale

Materials of waltzers for sale

The materials include national steels, FRP and 51 paint. These materials are robust, wear-resistant, and durable.

We make FRP by ourselves. In FRP workshop, we use multiple layers of fiberglasses and polyester resin to make up FRP. Some waltzer ride manufacturers add the talcum powder to FRP that can make FRP looks thick yet easily crack. Therefore, we don’t add any talcum powder to FRP. FRP we make are very robust and it won’t crack even if you can kick it heavily. And they still look like new after 5-7 years.

The national steels we use are with their serial numbers. And 51 paint is a old brand in China.

Where are our waltzer car for sale suitable for investing?

Waltzers ride for sale is suitable for many venues, such as fairgrounds, carnivals, parks, malls, viewpoints, etc. These venues are ideal place to invest amusement rides for their high traffic.

Our client invest the waltzers fair ride in a new park which has been built recently. According to his feedback, this thrilling and fun rides brought many profits to him. He can earn 20,000-30,000 US dollars a month. The waltzer fair ride has became a attraction in his park, and it attract more people to come to his park.

Small waltzers ride for sale

Who are the main customers of our waltzer for sale UK?

waltzer amusement ride with LED lights used in amusement park

Large waltzer ride for sale

Waltzer rides for sale are family-friendly, and are suitable for people suitable for people aged 5 to 50 years old.

Based on feedback from this UK customer, the main customers of waltzers rides are kids. Waltzer ride deeply attract nearby kids.

Besides kids, some parents go to park with their kids, and they ride waltzer fair ride together.

According to this client in UK, the waltzer ride has brought him huge profits. And he is so satisfied with the quality and appearance of our waltzer ride. Recently, we have a discount promotion of thrilling rides. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to advance your career and increase your earnings! Kindly contact us!

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