Octopus amusement ride for sale is a self-controlled amusement ride, which is commonly used in many places. Do you know where can you use it? You can use rotary octopus ride in the amusement park, theme park, square, scenic area, outdoor or indoor big shopping mall, temple activities, etc. In addition, this octopus amusement ride has a unique shape, bright colors, and popular music. So the octopus swing ride quickly becomes an “internet celebrity” of the amusement rides among children. Children can not only experience the joy of dizziness, but also experience the thrill of rotating and lifting when riding it. In our company, there are 6 arms, 8 arms, 10 arms, and customized arms octopus rides for sale, and each arm has 4 cabins for people to sit. Certainly, these octopus rides are high quality and affordable, so they are suitable for your business.


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Why do you choose our company to buy octopus rides?

Where can you buy the octopus ride? You can buy octopus amusement ride in our company. However, why do you choose our company to buy octopus amusement rides?

  • Firstly, our company is a professional amusement rides manufacturer. Because our company has built more than 20 years, we have enough production experience about manufacturing octopus rides. So you can buy octopus amusement rides in our company.

  • Secondly, our company is a strong amusement rides manufacturer in China. Why do we say that we are a strong company? Because we have over 2000 square meters factory, and there are more than 300 workers in our company.

  • Thirdly, our company produces and sells high quality octopus spinning ride at home and abroad. All in all, we produce not only octopus ride for sale, but also other spinning rides, family rides, kids rides, and thrilling rides.

Moreover, due to our company produces and exports many spinning rides for sale, it becomes a leading amusement rides factory quickly. Our octopus rides for sale and other spinning rides made by our professional workers are high quality. Besides, our octopus rides are attractive and hot selling, and the price is reasonable. So choosing our company is a good choice for you.

Can you use the octopus amusement park ride in the carnival?

Can you use the octopus fairground ride for sale? Yes, you can buy octopus funfair ride for your amusement parks. When the carnival is coming, you should buy some new types amusement rides for your fairground. For example, you buy octopus ride, merry go round, swing carousel for your funfair in the carnival. As we all know, carnival is a best occasion to make money, and more and more children and adults go to the carnival activities. At the same time, you buy some new amusement rides for your fairground, and hold a carnival activity. Then, your fairground will be a popular location.

Besides, our company designs many carnival rides for amusement parks. For example, carousel carnival ride, carnival octopus ride, teacup carnival ride for sale, etc. Certainly, these carnival rides are suitable for your amusement parks in the carnival activities.

What are the features of an octopus ride in our company?

  • Maybe you will want to know the features of the octopus ride in our company. There are many features about our octopus amusement ride for sale.
  • The rotating octopus ride uses a high-quality motor, which is durable and has a low failure rate;
  • Octopus ride is exquisitely made of high-quality fiberglass, and they are baking paint in the dust-free room. So its surface is smooth and delicate, the color is bright. Besides, its color is durable for a long time, not easy to fade;
  • The octopus ride for sale is easy to operate, and there is a control box for you. So you can operate it easily and comfortably;
  • There are a cute octopus as its appearance theme, and many LED lights on its arms. Besides, it is rotating with a sweet music;
  • The octopus amusement ride is an environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance, and high quality spinning ride;
  • Amusement ride for sale octopus’s price is factory direct prices, and there are no middlemen between you and us.

5 ideas to keep the octopus amusement park ride safe

Octopus funfair ride is a thrilling rotary ride for children. So when you start the octopus thrill rides’ business, you will concern riders safe. There are 5 ideas to keep the octopus fairground ride safe.

  • Before the octopus carnival ride operates, you must check its seats’ safe belt and safe device. You must keep riders from octopus ride accident.

  • When the octopus ride for sale has rotated for several days, you must fully check its parts and screws. If some screws are loosen, you instantly tight them.

  • Moreover, It is necessary for you to check whether there is any problem at the connection between the seats and the arms.

  • What’s more, you must tell little children and young generations to buckle up seat belts when they ride on.

  • Besides, you must set a fence to protect passers-by. Then, you also set a warning sign to warn people.

How does the octopus ride work?

The amusement ride octopus is a hot selling rotary ride in the amusement park, theme park, children playground, fair, entertainment center, square, scenic area, etc. However, do you want to know how does octopus ride for sale work? Now, we tell you the working principle of the octopus fair ride.

Crazy octopus ride is a new type of amusement equipment that has been popular recently. Generally speaking, octopus funfair ride for sale has 5 arms, and each arm has 4 cabins, and each cabin can sit one people. Then, the 4 cockpits on the arms rotate independently, and the boom is raised and lowered by hydraulic control. Besides, our company also design an octopus fairground ride, which is only rotating circle by circle. In conclusion, octopus ride for sale is a rotary ride, which rotates freely circle by circle.

selling price

What is the price of octopus ride for sale?

When you buy the octopus amusement rides, whether the price is reasonable or not is a main reason. If the octopus funfair ride for sale has a reasonable price and its quality is high, you buy it without hesitation.

However, in the real life, there are different price octopus amusement rides for sale. And you don’t know its quality. So when you buy octopus fun fair ride for sale, you firstly find the octopus ride manufacturer with high quality octopus ride. Besides, you must know the price range of octopus amusement ride for sale. For example, high quality small octopus ride’s price is 15,000-20,000 dollars. Moreover, the high quality large octopus amusement ride’s price is 20,000-30,000 dollars in many manufacturers. If you buy a octopus ride for sale in less money, it maybe goes wrong quickly. But, if you buy a high quality octopus carnival ride in more money, you think you cost more. However, this high quality octopus spinning ride has a long life, and won’t go wrong easily. Then, you will save more maintenance fees in the future.

Notes: these price range is a reference for you; specific price, please contact us 

Totally, if you are interested in amusement rides business, you can choose our octopus funfair ride for sale. After all this octopus ride is popular with children and adults in many places. Then, our octopus amusement ride is high quality and affordable. Furthermore, we also have many affordable spinning rides for sale, including swing ride, merry go round, teacup ride, self control plane, ferris wheel, double flying chair, pendulum, happy jelly fish, crazy dance, etc. Then, if you want to know our octopus amusement rides’ price or other amusement rides, please contact us.