Self control airplane ride is a kind of rotating amusement equipment. Its biggest feature is that it rotates around the vertical central axis and can be lifted freely. Then, self control plane ride is very suitable for parents and children, couples, families, etc. to play in the amusement parks.

Certainly, when you buy self control plane ride for your amusement park, you should choose a suitable amusement park airplane ride. However, How many amusement park airplane ride suitable for your business?


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There are many themes self control plane rides for you choice:

Self control plane ride

In our company, we design and manufacture all kinds of self control plane rides. These self control plane amusement rides are high quality, which is commonly used in the amusement parks. For example, 16 seats pink self control plane ride is popular among children in many amusement parks. Do you like pink color amusement park airplane ride for sale? If you don’t like, there are black, blue, colorful, etc. for you choice. If you want to do a business, you can choose our self control plane ride.

Self control donald duck

In our company, we design and produce self control Donald duck. This new design self controlled amusement ride has many duck-shaped seats, colorful LED lights, beautiful decorations. So this self control Donald duck ride is popular with 3-15 years old kids. When they ride on it with their friends, they can feel happy. Then, 3-15 years old children will have a happy childhood together with their friends in the amusement parks.

Self control shark ride for sale

Certainly, our self control shark ride is one of hot selling self control amusement ride. This self control shark spinning ride has a shark theme, shark decorations on the top of central column. Children feel that they swim in the sea as real shark when they ride on the shark-shaped seats. What’s more, our self control shark amusement ride is high quality, and has a smooth and attractive shark appearance. So it easily catches children eyes in many areas.

Self control bee bicycle

In our company, you can choose this self control bee bicycle amusement ride for your children playground. Then, self control bee bicycle ride is popular in your children amusement parks. Why is our self control bee bicycle popular in the children playground? Our self control bee bicycle can rotate, and ride up and down. Importantly, children and adults can pedal it to control its rising and falling. Moreover, if children too little to pedal, they can push the hand lever to control its rising and falling. It can cultivate kids’ hands-on ability by riding on the self control bee bicycle.

Furthermore, our self control plane ride, self control duck, self control shark, and self control bee bicycle are hot selling at home and abroad. Therefore, they are suitable for your business. These self control amusement rides are manufactured by our professional workers with fiberglass and Q235 steel. Thus, these self control plane amusement rides are high quality, and these appearance are smooth and bright. All in all, if you want to know more details about our self control amusement rides, please contact us.

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