Do you know what is caterpillar rides? Caterpillar amusement ride is a classic roller coaster that has a green worm as its seat cabin. In general, you will commonly see it in the amusement parks, children playground, Christmas, carnival, etc. Besides, it has a green wacky worm car on the long tracks. So it also called wacky worm roller coaster, worm roller coaster.

In our company, the wacky worm cars may also be decorated with bright colors and patterns, as well as caterpillar-like features such as antennae and eyes. So the caterpillar ride appearance is cute, and its color is bright, decorations are beautiful. Then, the worm roller coaster becomes one of top 5 hot selling spinning rides in our company. Others include merry go round ride, samba balloon, waltzer ride for sale, and swing ride. Certainly, these amusement attractions are popular with children and adults. Especially worm roller coaster ride for sale, it is popular with children and adults. In addition, while children and adults sit it, they have a thrilling experience by riding the caterpillar roller coaster.


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Where is the caterpillar roller coaster suitable for your use?

This roller coaster is an attractive, interesting, thrilling spinning ride for many people. Soon, there are many places suitable for you to use attractive caterpillar roller coaster for sale. So many people like to sit the thrilling caterpillar rides to have a good time. Furthermore, you can use the caterpillar roller coaster for sale in many places or occasions. For example, square, ocean park, zoo, children playground in scenic area, theme park, fair, fairground, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter. Whatever you use, we can provide you wacky worm coaster for sale that suitable for these occasions.

wacky worm roller coaster for sale video:

You can know more details about wacky worm coaster by seeing its video. Furthermore, if you want to know more information about production and factory, you can contact us.

What are the parts of caterpillar amusement ride?

If you want to know more caterpillar kids rides information, you must know its parts. In general, there are many parts in the wacky worm coaster for sale as following:

  • 1

    Wacky worm cabins: The cabin is the main part of worm roller coaster for sale. Thus, it must be designed to resemble the body of a caterpillar. Wacky worm cabin is made by fiberglass in free-dusty room and roast paint room in our company.

  • 2

    Tracks: The track is a main road for roller coaster running. So the track may be made of best Q235 steel. Besides, its track length can be customized. if you want to 300 m, you can add its length.

  • 3

    Control system: The control system can control caterpillar amusement ride’s start, stop, and also control the speed and movement of the equipment. Above all, in our company, we prepare the control box for you to control it easily.

  • 4

    Drive mechanism: It propels the green caterpillar roller coaster’s cabins along the track. So the drive mechanism includes a chain or cable system, a motorized drive system, or other mechanisms.

  • 5

    Safety devices: The safety devices can protect passengers when they are sitting on the worm roller coaster for sale. Then, these safety devices may include seat belts, harnesses, restraints, emergency stop systems, and others.

Main parameter of wacky worm roller coaster ride

Notes: this specification in the below is a reference, more details, please contact us!

Name 18 seats wacky worm coaster ride
Area Required 16m*24m( customize according to your playground)
Capacity 18 persons
Carriages 5 carriages
Track Height 2.5m
Speed 8-13kw/h
Voltage 380v/60HZ
Power 5kw
Material fiberglass cabins, steel track
Volume 40 HQ (12m)

What size worm is best for your amusement parks?

Firstly, Worm roller coaster ride has many different themes and sizes. Yet, you can customize its size according to your need in our company. Moreover,  if you have a large amusement park, you buy big apple wacky worm for sale. However, if you have a small fairground, you buy mini wacky worm roller coaster for sale.

Secondly, there are 12 seats, 16 seats, 18 seats, 24 seats caterpillar amusement rides for sale in many companies. However, these sizes wacky worm roller coaster have different specification. Nowadays, in our company, 16 seats wacky worm coaster’s area size is 18*12 m, and it power is 3kw. Besides, its voltage is 110v/220v/380v, and its running speed is 1.8m/s. Whereas, its running height is 2.5m. However, the specification of caterpillar train ride isn’t fixed, and it can be customized in our company.

How much are caterpillar roller coasters?

How much is a wacky worm roller coaster? In fact, this question is important for you. Therefore, you must know that:

Firstly, different sizes roller coaster caterpillar has a different price. Because different sizes caterpillar carnival ride uses different materials. So the large or small kids ride caterpillar has a different selling price.

Secondly, caterpillar roller coaster for sale with different tracks has a different price. Thus, if you need a long track, you maybe pay more money to add tracks’ length. Furthermore, if you buy a caterpillar mini roller coaster with short tracks, you need to spend less money.

Certainly, if you buy worm roller coaster in our company, we give you factory price directly. Moreover, we usually hold a discount activity. So you pay less money to buy a high quality roller coaster. Then, if you want to know the price of our caterpillar amusement ride for sale, please contact us to get a free quote.

Frequently asked questions:

Because our caterpillar playground equipment is high quality and safe, you don’t worry the riders safe. Generally speaking,  we also use the safety devices to protect riders.

As we all know, it is a roller coaster, and it run up and down along the track. Importantly, you can control it work or stop by operating control box.

Yes, you can customize wacky worm fair ride for sale in our company. For example, you customize its color, size, logo, theme, track length, height, etc. Importantly, our company also customize and sell swing ride, self control plane, merry go round, cup ride, pendulum, ferris wheel, tagada ride, etc.

When you purchase it, you need to maintain it according to caterpillar rides instruction. Then, you only check wacky worm amusement ride chain, screws on the track or cabins on time.

Yes, our caterpillar roller coaster are exported to many countries. Such as, selling roller coaster worms in Australia, UK, America, Canada, France, India, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Africa, and so on.

You don’t worry this installation. Because we will send you a manual of caterpillar rides to help you. Moreover, we provide you videos or schematics for wacky worm amusement ride. Certainly, if you don’t install it by yourself, our professional persons will help you to install.

Most caterpillar rides are family-friendly and can be enjoyed by both children and adults. However, some parks may have minimum height requirements or suggest parental supervision for younger riders. Always check the specific guidelines for each ride.

The duration of a Caterpillar ride can vary depending on the specific ride and park, but they typically last between 2 and 5 minutes. This allows for a fun, enjoyable ride without becoming too long or repetitive.

Many Caterpillar rides accommodate single riders, though some may require a minimum of two riders per car for balance or safety reasons. Always check with the ride operator for specific rules and guidelines.

Caterpillar rides are generally designed to be a more gentle, leisurely ride, making them suitable for all ages. However, very young children may need to be accompanied by an adult, and it’s always best to check the specific ride’s guidelines.

Caterpillar rides are not typically high-speed thrill rides. Instead, they move at a moderate, leisurely pace, providing a fun and enjoyable experience for riders of all ages.

Caterpillar rides have several safety measures in place. Passengers are secured in their seats with safety belts or bars, and the ride is always monitored by an operator. The rides are also regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they meet all safety standards.

While many people can safely enjoy Caterpillar rides, those with certain health conditions may need to take extra precautions. Individuals with back or neck problems, heart conditions, or those who are pregnant are often advised to avoid these kinds of rides. If you have any health concerns, it’s always best to consult with a medical professional before going on a Caterpillar ride.