Ladybug ride is a small kid ride, which is popular with 3-10 years old children. However, children and adults all can ride ladybug amusement ride in the amusement park, scenic area, shopping mall, square, school, resort hotel, and so on. In addition, there are four ladybug-shaped cockpits, and every cockpit has four seats for kids. Besides, this ladybug kids ride is a small spinning ride. There are a cute mushroom stands in the center and four ladybug image cabins around the mushroom. Certainly, these decorations are manufactured by our professional workers. So these decorations and cabins are high quality. Moreover, there are some LED colorful lights on the mushroom and every cabins appearance. So it is an attractive rotary ride popular among children.


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What age is a ladybug amusement ride for?

Generally speaking, 3-10 years old children like to ride on the ladybug funfair ride very much. Because this ladybug kiddie ride has cute seats, colorful smooth appearance, 3-10 years old kids like to sit ladybug ride. Certainly, this ladybug kiddie ride is specially designed for 3-10 years old children. But over 10 years old kids also sit the ladybug to experience its fun.

However, ladybug spinning ride manufactured by our company has comfortable and large cabins, so adults also ride on it together with children. For example, adults can accompany their kids to ride on the ladybug ride. Then, their kids like to stay with them, and ladybug ride can make the relationship between parents and kids closed. So it is suitable for all ages.

Specification of classic 16 seats ladybug rides

In general, kiddie ride ladybug has 4 ladybug-themed cabins, so its capacity is 16 children. Besides, its area size is 7m and its height is 2.7m. So this amusement equipment belongs to small kids ride. Although it belongs to a small spinning ride, it has big and comfortable cabins for children and adults. Importantly, wherever you use it, its voltage can be changed freely. For example, if your country uses 380v, we can set 380v ladybug kiddie ride for you. Furthermore, the Ladybug amusement equipment typically weighs around 3,000 pounds.

What’s more, if you need to customize ladybug fairground rides for sale, our company provides you customize service. Then, you can customize full size ladybug rides for sale from color, size, logo, etc. in our company.

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Name ladybug kids ride ladybug amusement ride
Capacity 6 persons 16 persons
Height 2m 2.7m
Voltage 220v/380v 220v/380v
Power 3kw 3kw
Area Size 7m 7m
Volume 15CMB 20CMB

Three suitable occasions to use ladybug amusement rides

Furthermore, lady bug amusement ride is also used in the tiny town, fair, school, square, scenic area, entertainment canter, children playground, and so on. Therefore, wherever you start the ladybug amusement ride business, you can use our equipment to make money quickly.

How to manufacture ladybug amusement rides for sale in our company?

In our company, there is a complex process to manufacture lady bug ride. Under the rule of amusement equipment production standard, we carefully produce it step by step. For example, these steps include the overall look and theme of lady bug ride, as well as the size, capacity, and functionality of lady bug fairground ride. There are some main production processes as following:

fiberglass cute decorations and seat cabins of ladybug amusement ride
  • Design the lady bug ride: we must design a novel and cute ladybug amusement ride. Besides, we use computer-aided design (CAD) software to design lady bug’s structure, the movement, and any special effects or lighting.

  • Professional persons model it: after the design, we start to model its shape. For example, we use FRP material to model the ladybug cabins and central column: mushroom.

  • Draw the ladybug kiddie ride: we use Chinese famous paint to draw the ladybug rides. What’s more, we mix all color into the lady bug rides by our special production processes.

  • Weld the steel: then, we need to weld its steel frame. We use the international standard steel: Q235 steel to make its frame. Besides, Q235 steel is solid and it is easily welded.

  • Install the amusement equipment: our workers install the electrical components and assemble the lady bug ride step by step.

  • Test the ladybug fairground ride: after the installment, our workers will test the spinning ride. And they will test the lady bug ride’s speed, capacity, and braking system, etc.

16 seats ladybug ride’s price range: $ 5,000-8,000

How much does the lady bug ride cost?

When you buy a kiddie ride ladybug, you will concern its price. Then, you will want to know how much the lady bug ride cost. However, in the real life, there is a difference about selling price in many companies. So you must know about why the price is different. For example, some companies use ordinary plastic to manufacture ladybug amusement rides for sale. While other companies use fiberglass to produce lady bug ride for sale. Because they use different materials, so the ladybug kiddie rides sell with different price.

Generally speaking, 16 seats ladybug fairground ride’s price range is about 5,000-8,000 dollars in many companies. Certainly, different capacities ladybug funfair ride’s selling price has a difference. Moreover, our lady bug ride’s quality is high and the price is affordable, so you can choose our company to buy it.

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Our company is a professional ladybug kids  manufacturer, and we have many export and production experience. Every year our lady bug amusement rides are exported to USA, England, Egypt, Swaziland, France, India, Korea, Japan, Spain, Pakistan, etc. In addition, as a professional amusement rides manufacturer, our company also manufacture and sell self-control plane, crazy dance, merry go round, Ferris wheel, flying chair, teacup ride, pendulum, mechanical plane, mechanical bull, disco tagada ride, happy jellyfish, energy storm ride, roller coaster, trackless trains, pirate ship, and so on. If you are interested in our spinning rides, please contact with us to know more details.