There are top 4 popular sale roller coaster rides for sale 2023 in our company. These coaster amusement rides include dragon roller coaster for sale, wacky worm coaster for sale, pharaoh roller coaster, penguin roller coaster, shark roller coaster, and so on. Top 4 popular sale roller coaster rides for sale 2023 as follows:

Dragon roller coaster for sale with 9 seat cabins for amusement park

If you like Chinese dragon design, you can choose our dragon roller coaster ride with 9 seat cabins for your amusement park. Our dragon park coaster has attractive dragon-shaped cabin with 18 seats. So children and adults together ride on the dragon wagon carnival ride for sale in the park. Then, while they ride it, they feel that they freely fly with the dragon, which gives them a thrilling feeling. Next, 18 persons dragon coaster amusement ride’s track height is 2.5m, and its area size is 24*12m. Therefore, dragon roller coaster thrilling ride doesn’t occupy more place.

Fiberglass wacky worm roller coaster for sale

Wacky worm roller coaster ride is also called caterpillar roller coaster. Wacky worm coaster for sale has a fiberglass material green worm as its seat cabin. Besides, there are apple decorations on the track, and many cute decorations around it. So it is very interesting for children. Importantly, caterpillar amusement park ride manufactured by fiberglass is also painted with Chinese famous paint, so its worm-shaped appearance is bright & smooth. Moreover, its speed is 8-13km/h, which will give children and adults a thrilling experience. Certainly, worm coaster has a low noise, and you can use it not only indoor mall but outdoor amusement parks.

18 seats pharaoh roller coaster popular in the fairground

Pharaoh roller coaster is a special kids coaster ride, which is popular in the fairground. This equipment has a pharaoh FRP material appearance, vintage color, and antique decorations. Certainly, when children and adults see it, they feel scary and interesting. According to its interesting, they can’t wait to ride on this pharaoh roller coaster spinning ride in your playground. In general, there are 18 seats, and 18 adults and kids ride on it at the same time. What’s more, this pharaoh roller coaster amusement ride has luxury and comfortable seats with safety devices. Therefore, it is safe for children, and they can sit on it without worry.

16 seats penguin roller coaster suitable for children playground

This 16 seats penguin roller coaster is very cute and attractive, which is suitable for your children playground. Then, why is penguin roller coaster rotary ride suitable for your children playground? Firstly, its penguin shaped appearance is welcomed by kids. Many kids like the cute penguin, and they don’t see the penguin. So if you buy this 16 seats penguin crazy coaster ride for your playground, which will easily catch kids eyes. Frankly, this 16 seats penguin roller coaster’s area size is 24*12m, and it has 4 cabins. Next, its cabin has many colorful LED lights and its operation with sweet music. So children like to rid on penguin coaster ride.

Furthermore, in our company, we design and manufacture all kinds of crazy train roller coaster rides. Generally speaking, we not only produce above mentioned kiddie coaster ride thrilling ride, but also produce shark roller coaster, family roller coaster, roller coaster kids ride, mini shuttle, space shuttle, etc. These roller coaster train ride manufactured with FRP, Chinese famous paint, and stainless steel. Thus, its quality is high and its color is bright. Importantly, its price is affordable in our company. If you are interested in rollercoaster train, please contact us to get a free quote. Certainly, if you want to know more information, please contact us to get more details.

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