Recently, our company have exported caterpillar roller coaster to UK, USA, Korea, India, Spanish, Africa, Germany, France, Italy, and so on. So our company have many worm roller coaster exporting and manufacturing experience.

In 2022, one customer form UK have bought one 18 seats caterpillar roller coaster for his children playground. Firstly, he didn’t know buy how long meters track for the 18 seats caterpillar roller coaster. Then, our professional person asked his area size, and we help him to calculate how long meters track. Besides, we held an activity to reward old and new customers. So we gave him a discount based on factory price.

After two months, he happily told us that every day many people went to his children playground to ride on caterpillar roller coaster. Then, he also said that his children playground has a good business, and he quickly got a return. Besides, he not only bought caterpillar roller coaster UK, but also 6 cups teacup ride.

They knew that our caterpillar amusement ride is high quality after this corporation. So he also thought that our company is a professional and strong amusement rides manufacturer. Then, he also introduced his friend, who wanted to build an amusement park in his city, to us. He hoped that our company can help his friends to build a 1000㎡ amusement park.

Do you know why more and more customers choose our company to buy fairground rides? Because our company is a professional and strong spinning amusement rides manufacturer. We not only have over 20 years experience in designing, production, exporting spinning rides, but also have a over 2000 ㎡factory.

What’s more, we produces all kind of amusement rides, including swing ride, merry go round, teacup ride, trackless train, roller coaster, pirate ship, Ferris wheel, samba balloon ride, self control plane, inflatable castle, pendulum, disco tagada, sightseeing car, trampoline park, go kart, jumping kangaroo ride, and so on. These amusement rides for sale in our company are high quality and affordable. Therefore, more and more customers choose our company to buy amusement rides for sale.

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