What is a carnival Ferris wheel for sale? The Ferris wheel carnival ride is a large-scale rotating wheel-shaped mechanical construction facility, and there are many cockpit (Gondola) for passengers, which are hung on the edge of the wheel. Thus, it is a popular sightseeing equipment for all ages in the amusement parks. In recent years, because spinning Ferris wheel is popular in the parks, many manufacturers design and produce many styles Ferris wheel rides for sale. Importantly, these different styles spinning ride Ferris wheels are suitable for all ages, including 3-5 years old, 5-12 years old, over 12 years old children and adults. Therefore, if you buy carnival Ferris wheel rides for sale for your amusement parks, resort hotel, children playground, and so on, you will get a good benefit.


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What styles of carnival Ferris wheel rides for sale can you choose?

Recently, many manufacturers design and produce different themes Ferris wheel carnival rides for you. However, do you want to know how many hot selling styles carnival Ferris wheels for sale in our company?

spinning ferris wheel main parameter

Notes: this specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

There are double ferris wheel and kids ferris wheel specification. Moreover, know more spinning ferris wheel ride for sale specification, please contact us.

Name double ferris wheel kids ferris wheel
Area size 8*8m 6*4m
Capacity 20 persons 12 persons
Voltage 380v 380v
Power 9kw 5kw
Height 7m 6.5m
Volume 40HQ 20GP

Why do more clients choose our company to buy carnival Ferris wheel?

Why do more customers choose our company to buy carnival ride for sale Ferris wheel? There are some advantages for you to choose our company.

To sum up, if you choose our company to buy Ferris wheel carnival ride for sale, our company provides you high quality and attractive carnival rides Ferris wheel. Besides, our company also provide you other high quality spinning rides, including swing ride, merry go round, self control plane, disco tageda, ladybug ride, teacup ride, and so on.

What age is Ferris wheel for?

Our company specially designs and manufactures many carnival Ferris wheel spinning rides for all ages.

For 3-5 years old

For 3-5 years old: If you want to buy carnival fun fair Ferris wheel for 3-5 years old kids, please cjoose top 4 hot selling kids rides: 12 seats small kids Ferris wheel, spinning horse ride, swing ride, self control plane. Why to choose these equipment? these funfair rides are popular with 3-5 year old. for example, 12 seats kids Ferris wheel specially designed for 3-5 years old children has attractive appearance and high safety cabins.

For 5-12 years old

For 5-12 years old: If you buy a Ferris wheel spinning ride in the carnival for 5-12 years old children, our company provides you 24 seats Ferris wheel spinning ride. Certainly, if you choose 24 seats spinning wheel ride and spinning horse ride, for your business, you will have a good return. Wherever you start a business, this 24 seats spinning wheel ride can attract more customers for you.

For over 12 years old and adults

For over 12 years old and adults: Furthermore, our company also sell many big Ferris wheel carnival rides for sale, which are suitable for over 12 years old kids and adults. In our company, big Ferris wheel include48 seats, 72 seats, 96 seats, 104 seats-216 seats spinning Ferris wheel. Importantly, big ferris wheel, waltzer ride for sale, caterpillar roller coaster, spinning pendulum ride are top 4 sale crazy spinning rides.

How much does a carnival Ferris wheel cost to buy?

Do you know that different carnival rides Ferris wheel have different selling price? Now, following us to know about more information of carnival Ferris wheel price. However, if you want to know special price, please contact us to get a free quote.

Firstly, how much does big Ferris wheels cost for a carnival purchase? The big Ferris wheel carnival spinning ride have many different capacities, so its selling price is different. For example, 48 seats Ferris wheel’s price is lower than 72 seats Ferris wheel. Then, do you want to know how much does the 48 seats Ferris wheel carnival ride cost?

Secondly, how much does a small carnival Ferris wheel cost? The small carnival Ferris wheel usually is 10/12 seats kids Ferris wheel spinning ride. Therefore, the small Ferris wheel price is reasonable. Do you want to know the cute 12 seats carnival kids Ferris wheel ride price? If you would like to know more information, please contact us.

Customers mainly ask these questions:


Can you tell me how many people fit in a Ferris wheel seat?

Yes, the number of people that can fit in a Ferris wheel seat depends on the size of the seat. In general, our Ferris wheel seats are designed to accommodate two to six people per seat.

How tall is a Ferris wheel ride that your company sells?

We manufacture and sell 20m, 30m, 42m, 46m, 50m, 65m, and so on. Certainly, if you need a specific height rotating Ferris wheel, we can customize spinning Ferris wheels for sale for you.

Can you tell me how long does it take to ride the carnival Ferris wheel?

You can adjust the Ferris wheel spinning time according to your need. If there are many people wait for the carnival Ferris wheel, you can adjust its speed fast. vice versa.

What is the weight limit on a Ferris wheel in your company?

General speaking, our Ferris wheels are designed safely a range of wight, from several hundred pounds up to many thousands of pounds. So the average person will not exceed the weight limit.

Tell me, if we use the 380v voltage, can your carnival Ferris wheel be suitable?

Yes, we can manufacture carnival rides Ferris wheel with 380 voltage, which is suitable for your use. Whatever voltage you use, we can make our carnival Ferris wheel rides for sale suitable for your use.

Why do we choose your Ferris wheel carnival ride for sale?

Firstly, our company is a professional company, and we design and manufacture high quality carnival rides Ferris wheel. Secondly, our carnival rides Ferris wheel with colorful LED lights is attractive. Thirdly, our carnival Ferris wheel for sale ride is maintained easily, and can’t be easily damaged for many years.