last September, we sold a self control plane in Morocco to an organizer of a square activity. He sought a self control amusement ride to improve the foot traffic and increase the revenue to his business. Finally he chose us for our dedicated, high quality self control plane ride, and our company strength. And self control airplane brought great benefits to him.


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Why did this Morocco client chose our self control ride?

He chose our self control plane in Morocco for sale for our company strength, high quality and dedicated appearance of self-control plane.

How do we produce high quality self control aircraft ride?

We use top-notch FRP, international standard steels, and old brand paint to make robust and durable self control plane.

FRP: There is a special FRP workshop in our factory, and workers use multi-layer fiberglass to make robust FRP. Some manufacturers add talcum powder to FRP to make it look thick yet easily crack. However, we never add them, and you can kick the shell of self control plane amusement ride heavily and it won’t crack.

International standard steel: What’s more, the steels are with their own serial numbers, and you can check them online.

Paint: In addition, the paint is wear-resistant, non-toxic and durable.

production process of amusement plane ride

What kinds of self control ride do we provide?

Seats amount: We provide 12, 16 seats self control plane rides.

Styles: self control plane, self control bee, self control Donald duck, self control octopus ride, self control cartoon, etc.

Suitable age group: adults and kids.

self control plane
reasonable price self control shark

Company strength

As a professional manufacturer, our company has about 21 years of sales experience. What’s more, we have a factory with over 20,000 m², and there are 11 workshops and 90+workers in our factory. These workshops include welding workshops, spray painting workshops, FRP workshops, etc. In addition. Our company is planning to build a new factory which is over 40,000m² and expand the number of employees.

What kind of self control ride did the morocco client want to buy?

This Morocco client was interested in the self control plane ride for sale. Self-control plane is colorful, dedicated and decorated with some LED lights, which can deeply attract kids. And he finally customize a 16 seats amusement park self control plane ride with colorful appearance and LED lights.

self control plane ride for sale in Yudinis

Sales process of self control plane in Morocco

Firstly, this client contact us for our self-control plane for sale. And our sales team showed him a lot of pictures and videos of self control amusement park plane ride.

And then, we invited him to visit our factory. He come to China and check out the airplane fair ride. Besides, he had visited some other company before coming to our factory.

Finally, he was satisfied, chose us, and paid the deposit. And we started producing the self control aircraft ride.

Transportation and installation of self control ride

Transportation: the transportation is fast. We delivery the self control amusement ride by sea.

Installation: we provided the installation instruction, picture and videos, and he employed some local workers to install the self-control plane. If you need, we can also send some workers oversea to help you with the installation. We have a professional and efficient installation team.

Result of self control plane in Morocco

The self-control plane ride brought great benefit to his square business. It attract many kids, increase the revenue and is praised by many kids. This Morocco thanked us and is considering the next cooperation and buy other amusement rides.

self control plane for sale

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