Rotating roller coaster is a thrilling amusement ride that spins and rotates in the amusement parks. So spinning roller coaster for sale is popular with thrill-seeking riders, teenagers, and adults who are looking for intense and adrenaline-pumping experiences. Certainly, in order to meet different ages, our factory designs and produces attractive styles affordable amusement park roller coasters for sale. These styles include worm roller coaster, dragon family coaster, shark roller coaster, etc., whose capacity can be customized into 16 seats, 18 seats, more than 20 seats. Certainly, if you want to invest roller coaster spin, you must learn its main components and its material. Then, you need to know its delivery time, transport, customize, capacity, and so on.


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Where to buy a roller coaster with affordable price?

Buying a roller coaster is a significant investment, and the price can vary depending on factors such as size, complexity, customization, and manufacturer. However, where can you buy rotating roller coaster with affordable price? If you want to know, we will tell you please choose our company.

Our company has 20-year experience, and produces all kinds of roller coasters for sale. What’s more, these roller coaster rides are high quality, which is made of fiberglass, Q235 steel and other materials.

Importantly, these high quality new roller coasters for sale have an affordable price. In general, if you buy one roller coaster ride, we will give you factory price. Then, if you buy two spinning roller coaster rides for your different parks, we will give you discount price. Furthermore, when we are in promotion, we will give you a discount price.

Therefore, if you want to purchase affordable price rotating roller coaster, please choose us.

Popular styles rotary kiddie roller coaster for sale in our company

Our factory designs and manufactures many popular spinning ride family roller coaster that is available for children and adults. There spinning roller coasters include shark roller coaster, pharaoh roller coaster, dragon wagon roller coaster, penguin roller coaster, wild mouse roller coaster, wacky worm roller coaster, large roller coaster, etc. Now, please follow me to know more details about popular roller coaster that spins.

18 seats dragon wagon roller coaster designed for traditional Chinese culture lovers

Do you like Chinese traditional feature: dragon? If many people in your country like dragon, we suggest you buy dragon roller coaster for sale. Firstly, this 18 seats dragon roller coaster spinning fairground ride has a dragon-shaped locomotive. This rotating roller coaster’s track height is 2.5m. Besides, its voltage is 380v and its power is 5kw. Importantly, this 18 seats dragon wagon roller coaster will bring thrilling and exciting feeling to children and adults. if you buy this flying dragon roller coaster for your amusement park, more and more young generations come to your park.

16 seats shark roller coaster designed for sea world lovers

Shark roller coaster with 16 seats is a new style roller coaster that has a shark-shaped locomotive and blue color body. Certainly, the 16-seat shark roller coaster can accommodate up to 16 riders per train or cycle. This 16 seats seaworld shark roller coaster’s design idea is from sea animal. When children ride on it, they feel like a shark which swims in sea world, increasing children funny. Generally speaking, shark themed roller coaster ride track height is 2m. About its track length, you can customize according to your area size.

18 seats pharaoh roller coaster designed for mystery lovers

Inspired by the grandeur and mystique of ancient Egypt, the 18 seats Pharaoh roller coaster combines adrenaline-pumping excitement with a captivating theming experience. The 18 seats Pharaoh roller coaster can bring riders into the world of ancient Egypt. This themed roller coaster ride’s theming elements include detailed and ornate structures reminiscent of Egyptian architecture, such as towering obelisks, hieroglyphic motifs, and statues of pharaohs. So the immersive theming creates a sense of adventure and adds to the overall excitement of the roller coaster spin.

How to manufacture main components of rotating roller coaster?

When you learn roller coaster ride for sale, you should know its control system, track, wheels, chain life motor, etc. If you learn these main components, you will buy high quality spinning coaster ride like an expert. Here are main components for you to learn:

As a professional and reputable manufacturer, our factory makes all kinds of rotating roller coaster and other popular amusement park rides. Other popular fairground rides include swing ride, ferris wheel, pendulum ride, paratrooper ride, trackless train, carousel ride, teacup ride, pirate ship, disco tagada, mechanical bull ride, bumper car, inflatable castle, indoor playground, go kart, jumping machine ride, waltzer ride, and so on. If you want to buy rotating roller coaster for sale or other amusement equipment, please contact us.


How to transport spinning roller coaster ride in your company?

In our company, we will transport by shipping, and we will package it under the standard. Certainly, we firstly search which port is near by you, and we transport roller coaster ride on time.

Where is kiddie roller coaster for sale suitable for?

You can widely use it in amusement park, playground, square, theme park, kindergarten, children playground, funfair, adventure park, carnival, Christmas, children’s day, etc.

What about the safety of spinning coaster ride?

Our company’s production philosophy is safety first, and we will use the best materials: fiberglass to product superior roller coaster ride. Besides, we use best motor, best control system, and so on.

Whether your company can customize products as my required and pit my logo on?

Yes, all of our spinning roller coasters are designed and customized as required including capacity, color, track length, decoration, and logo.

How many styles and capacity roller coaster spin that provides for me?

There are small roller coaster for sale and big roller coasters for sale, including 12 seats, 16 seats, 18 seats, over 20 seats. These spinning coaster carnival ride has shark, pharaoh, wacky worm, wild mouse, dragon themes for your choice.

How about your after-sales service?

Dear friends, you buy our rotating roller coaster encountered any problems, and you can contact us at any time. Then, we will be the first time for you to solve the problem.

How long is the warranty of rotating roller coaster for sale?

About roller coaster spin ride warranty, we tell you its warranty is one year. Besides, we will provide you free lifetime technical guidance.