Waltzer amusement ride as a rotating thrilling ride, is popular recent years. When waltzer fair ride rotate, the centrifugal force it generates makes visitors feel like they are being thrown away. Many people would like to go to fairgrounds and seek thrill from waltzer rides. We provide high quality waltzer rides for sale made of top notch materials. Though waltzer ride for sale makes riders feel exciting, it is suitable for kids and adults. So, waltzer funfair ride is a family ride which is suitable for families play on weekends or holidays. Besides, we can customize the size of waltzer fairground ride according to your needs. Meanwhile, the fairground waltzer for sale brings huge profits to you.


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Specific parameters of waltzer ride

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factory price waltzer ride for sale popular in carnival
Capacity 24 seats 36 seats
Cabin 8 cabins 12 cabins
Area Size 9 m Diameter 12 m Diameter
Power 11kw 16kw
Height 3 m 3 m
Voltage 380V  380V
Color customized customized
Applicable Person children and adults children and adults
Material FRP+Steel  FRP+Steel
Speed 5-15 rpm 5-15 rpm

Who are suitable for riding the fairground waltzer for sale?

Fair ride waltzers are family-friendly ride, and parents can ride them with their kids. However, fair rides waltzers are thrilling, so people aged 5-50 can ride them. If you want fairground ride waltzer for kids or adults, we can also customize various sized the waltzer ride.

Waltzers rides are suitable for kids

Kids are main customers of amusement parks and thrilling equipment. Though waltzers fair ride for sale are exciting, kids can ride them. Its rotation speed is suitable for children without causing them discomfort. When waltzer rides for sale rotates, kids will feel the pleasure of intense excitement. This excitement is addicted to attract kids ride it again and again.

Waltzer rides cater to adults

Adults can also ride our fair rides waltzers for fun. Some adults ride funfair rides waltzer with their kids to enjoy the parent-child time and take care of their kids. And some adults ride it for relieving work stress. The waltzer ride makes adults become children again.

How much profit can waltzer amusement ride bring to your business?

Investing in a fairground waltzer for sale can significantly contribute to the profitability of your business.

Strong attraction

Firstly, the waltzer fairground ride, with its spinning cars and fast-paced motion, can strongly attract both adults and children.

High turnover rate

And also, waltzer funfair ride has a high turnover rate due to its relatively short ride cycle. It allows a higher volume of passengers and thus, increased revenue.

Quick return

And waltzer ride pays back quickly.

For example, if you set the ticket price at $3 per person, you can earn $2-3,000 a day. And you can set the ticket price based on your local consumption level.

Focal point

Moreover, waltzer ride funfair serves as a focal point in any park or fair, attracting more visitors to your establishment.

High popularity

Its popularity could also lead to repeat customers, adding to its profitability.

Low maintenance cost

Meanwhile, the maintenance cost is relatively low compared to other amusement rides. It further contributes to your profit margin.

Draws in more traffic

Besides, offering such unique and exciting entertainment enhances the overall value and appeal of your business. It potentially draws in more traffic and generating additional income streams.

We provide large and small waltzer ride for sale with different amount of seats for your business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your business and bring in big profits!

Is waltzer ride safe?

For thrilling rides like waltzer rides, safety is so important. Our fairground waltzer for sale is of high quality and can assure the safety of riders. To make the waltzers fair ride, we use top-notch materials. For example, we use national standard steels, and robust FRP. Every steel plate has its own serial number.

FRP manufacturing process

And we make FRP by ourselves. We have a factory with over 20,000 square meters, and more than 100 workers. We use multiple layers of fiberglass filaments and polyester resin to create FRP of waltzer fairground ride. No matter it is bumped or kicked, it will not break. And we never add talc powder to it to make it look thicker.

Additionally, the door welds are also very strong, so you can rest assured of its quality.

new designed waltzer amusement ride

Besides fairground, where can the waltzer funfair ride be invested in?

Fairground waltzer for sale are suitable for many venues, such as carnivals, malls, parks, indoor venues, theme parks, etc.

What sizes are funfair waltzer rides available in?

We provide 36 seats and 24 seats fairground waltzer for sale rides. They are great rides to pass the time on holidays. Besides, we can customize the size of waltzer fairground ride according to your needs.

36 seats fairground the waltzers ride for sale

36 seats waltzer amusement ride is large and is with 12 cabins. They are suitable for large business venues, so amusement parks are the ideal places. Though the price of large waltzer carnival ride is higher than small one, it can bring more profits to you.

24 seats waltzer fair ride for sale

24 seats waltzers rides are small and are with 8 cabins. Besides fairground, you may invest it in small venues like indoor venues. And you can also build it in your backyard if you want.

Our company is a professional company with more than 20 years of sales experience. And we have a factory of over 20,000 square meters. We make fair ride waltzers by ourselves. If you are interested in us, kindly contact us!

If you are interested in our rides, kindly contact us!