Spinning chair ride is a thrilling ride for children, but children like to ride spinning swing ride for sale in the amusement parks. Certainly, rotating swing ride also is used in the children playground, scenic area, resort hotel, etc. Do you know why is our swing carousel popular among children? Because our company uses the best material and best technology to manufacture wave swinger ride. So these flying chair rides produced in our company have a bright and smooth appearance, attractive decorations. Moreover, our flying chair ride has many hot selling themes. Therefore, our swing rides for sale are popular with all ages.


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8 layers fiberglass spinning chair ride manufactured in our free-dusty workshop

In our company, we manufacture chair-o-plane ride with best material fiberglass and Q235 steel. Besides, our production processes are also advanced and professional. Then, do you want to know why our swing rides for sale have a bright color and smooth appearance? Now, we tell you the reasons.

Firstly, because our company uses fiberglass as row material to produce flying chair’s seats and decorations. What’s more, we not use 1 layer fiberglass, but use 8 layers fiberglass and resin to manufacture it.

Secondly, we have 8 processes in drawing flying chair rides. When it comes to painting, it is a feature in our company. We use Chinese famous paint to draw these swing rides through 8 processes. Importantly, we draw swing rides in the free-dusty workshop, and we also roast painting in the professional workshop with 55 °.

All in all, our professional workers carefully produce wave swinger amusement rides step by step. All in all, our company uses best materials and best technology to manufacture spinning chair rides. Therefore, our swing rides are high quality, and its appearance is smooth and its color is bright.

Swing carousel ride’s production videos & details videos

Through this video, you will know about flying chair ride for sale prouction situation.Importantly, you will see hot wo weld and install kiddie swing ride frame in Dinis factory. Certainly, if you want to know more information, please contact us!

Do you know what are the different types of swings for different ages?

hot selling novel designs flying chair rides for sale in our company

In our company, we design and manufacture different types flying chairs for different ages.

For 3-12 years old kids, we can provide you some kids swing rides, including Watermelon flying chair, Giraffe flying chair, Lotus flying chair. These themes spinning chair ride are specially designed for 3-12 years old children. For example, our giraffe flying chair has many lovely giraffe as appearance, cute seats with wings, and colorful LED lights, so this yo yo swing ride can bring children a feeling that they see the real giraffe. So it is quickly popular with children in the amusement parks.

For over 12 years old children, we provide you carnival swing ride for sale and luxury flying chair. Luxury flying chair has a deluxe appearance, more comfortable seats, more attractive decorations. Thus, it becomes one of top 5 hot selling spinning rides in our company. Other hot selling spinning rides in our company are carousel ride, self control plane, ferris wheel ride, electric bumper cars, and tea cup ride for sale. Sometimes, when children ride on the swinging chair, they feel as free as a bird flies in the sky.

popular style flying chair rides for sale

Hot Selling Children Giraffe Fair Wave Swinger

Giraffe swing ride

watermelon swing ride

forst themed flying chair amusement ride for sale

Tree swing ride

small kiddie swing ride

small flying chair

luxury flying chair ride

luxury swing ride

lotus swing ride for kids

Lotus flying chair

36 seats wave swinger ride

large wave swinger ride

Cartoon Funfair Swing Carousel Is Popular among Kids

cartoon swing ride

Specification of different sizes flying chair rides

Do you know the specification of different sizes spinning chair carnival ride? We suggest you must know more details about swing rides. If you have known more details, you can choose a suitable one for your fairground or other places.

There are 12 seats, 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats, and customized swing ride for sale in our company. 12 seats Lotus flying chair ride area size is 6m*4mH, and its power is 3kw. Its diameter is 5m, its height is 4m, and it speed is 5-8circles/min. Certainly, we also tell you 24 seats luxury swinger ride specification. For example, its power is 13kw, height is 6m, and its diameter is 8m. Besides, the wave swinger’s speed is 8-10 circles/min.

Notes: this specification is a reference for you, more details, please contact us!

Seats 12 people 16 people 24 people 36 people
Diameter 5m 7m 10m 11m
Height 4m 7m 8 m 8m
Operating height 4m 7m 7m 9.5m
Voltage 380v 380v 380v 380v
Power 2.2kw 3.5kw 10 kw 18kw
Speed 5-8 circles/min  8-10 circles/min  8-10 circles/min  8-10 circles/min

Features of swing carousel rides in our company

  • 1

    Easily maintenance: our spinning chair ride is easy for you to maintain in daily use. Our yo yo amusement park ride is a maintenance-free amusement equipment, so it doesn’t go wrong in daily.

  • 2

    Attractive appearance: our flying chair ride has an attractive appearance, which is produced by our professional workers with fiberglass. Therefore, our swing carousel has a smooth and attractive appearance.

  • 3

    Bright color: we draw flying chair spinning ride with Chinese famous paint, so you will see that our swing rides’ color is bright. Importantly, these flying chairs aren’t fade in many years.

  • 4

    Beautiful decorations: our swing ride for sale has many colorful LED lights, and other novel and beautiful decorations on its appearance.

  • 5

    High quality: wave swinger amusement rides in our company are manufactured  with fiberglass and Q235 international standard steel. So they are high quality.

  • 6

    Reasonable price: flying chair rides in our company have a reasonable price. Because we have our own factory, we can give you a factory direct price. Sometimes, we also hold an activity to reward old customers and new customers.

For different places business, how to choose flying chair rides?

You buy kids swing ride for your children playground

If you have a 3-15 years old children playground, you should buy spinning chair ride. However, you don’t randomly choose wave swinger ride for your children playground, and you must choose an attractive and suitable yo-yo ride. Therefore, we suggest that you buy kids swing ride. This kids swing ride in our company has a vintage tree-shaped central column, and many beautiful decorations on the top plate. Therefore, this special design kids flying chair can catch people eyes in your children playground.

new design kids swing ride for kids
24 seats wave swinger ride for sale maanufactured by our company

You choose 24 seats spinning chair ride for scenic area

Why do we suggest you choose the 24 seats swing carousel ride? Because this 24 seats flying chair ride occupies small area and give you a return quickly. Importantly, there are 24 children and adults ride on 24 seats swing carousel ride one time. Besides, our 24 seats flying chair has many themes for you, and you can choose favourite theme wave swinger ride. Certainly, if you are strong to start amusement rides business in the scenic area, you also buy self control plane, spinning horse ride together.

You can buy watermelon flying chair ride for your resort hotel

If you have a hotel in the resort, you can buy watermelon flying chair ride for your hotel. Then, why should you buy watermelon swing ride? This watermelon swing ride has watermelon-shaped seats and many watermelon decorations. So little kids can know this fruit, and they will feel interested when riding on watermelon-shaped seats. Next, our watermelon yo-yo ride made by fiberglass has a bright color and smooth appearance. So this swing carousel ride is attractive in your resort hotel.

factory price 16 seats watermolon yo-yo ride for sale

In conclusion, our company is a professional amusement rides manufacturer. We not only produce high quality spinning chair rides, but also self control plane, merry go round ride, disco tagada, pendulum ride, ferris wheel, trackless train, roller coaster, tea cup ride, waltzer ride, pirate ship, inflatable castle, samba balloon rides, and so on. Besides, if you want to build an amusement park, our company also provides you professional suggestions. All in all, if you want to find a reliable spinning amusement rides manufacturer with high quality funfair rides, please choose us.