Commercial bumper boats for sale as a popular amusement ride in recent years, can be invested on pool, pond, etc. Unlike classic ground bumper cars, they can bring special excitement and thrill to riders. Riders can spin, collide with each other, shoot each other with water guns, dodge and laugh. As a professional manufacturer, we provide high quality yet economical bumper boats for sale. We provide large and small sized bumper boat ride for sale for adults and kids which are battery powered. Besides, they are light and portable, so the delivery is simple. Whether you want to buy them for business or using with the families, water bumper boats are an ideal choice. In addition, we also provide various styles of water bumper cars for sale, such as animal style, style with ceiling, and round style. Are you interested in bumper boat on water? if so, kindly read what follows.

Product Properties Parameters
Outside diameter 2.1m
Weight 100kg
Capacity 2 passengers 120kg
Power supply method Batteries
Speed 8km/h
Draft 0.25m

Senior Rides Design Engineer

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What sizes of bumper boats for sale do we offer?

We provide 2 seats large and 1 seat small bumper boats ride for sale. And they can both accommodate adults.

Large bumper boats water ride for sale

Large bumper car boat can accommodate 2 riders, such as 2 kids, 2 adults or 1 adult and a kid.

Thus, large bumper cars for water is very suitable for families to ride on holidays or weekends. Families can collide with each other, laugh and screaming, which make your business a ideal choice to have fun.

Besides, large bumper cars in water is also suitable for couples to ride. They can drive the large bumper cars on water together and experience the excitement and the fun, which enhance their relationship.

Moreover, friends are also a huge customer group. Friends can get together on weekends or holidays to have chases and “shootouts” on the water.

red electric bumper boat with water guns

Small bumper cars water for sale

Mini bumper boats can accommodate 1 rider, including a kid or an adult. Small bumper cars water rides are more suitable for riders who want to drive the bumperboats by themselves. In addition, they can drive it freely.

Besides, kids are main customers of small commercial bumper boats because some parents don’t ride them, so kids ride them alone. They are attractive to children because of their childlike appearance and excitement experience.

goose and tiger bumper boats for sale

How much does a bumper boat cost?

Price range


Who can ride the water bumper cars?

People from 3 to 60 years old can ride bumper boats for sale.

Where can you invest the bumper boats for sale in?

You may invest water bumper cars in pool, inflatable small pool, pond, artificial lake, Shallow water area of the water park, etc.

What styles of bumper boats do we offer?

We have round style, animal style, and style with canopy.

Round bumper boats for sale

Round bumper cars for water can spinning on water. And when round bumper boats ride collide with others, it will be bounced far, which is so exciting.

red electric bumper boat with water guns

Animal bumper cars water rides with fantasy

The animal bumper cars in the water include these shapes: goose, tiger, turtle, duck, etc. Besides, we can also design the shape and styles of them according to your needs.

goose and tiger bumper boats for sale

Bumper cars on water with canopy for sale

In summer, bumper cars water with ceiling is popular, because the ceiling can protects passengers from sun and rain.

round inflatable bumper cars for sale

How do we manufacture the high quality and safety bumper boats?

As a reliable manufacturer, our professional manufacturing team use high quality materials to manufacture bumperboats. Besides, the production processes are strict.

The materials of commercial bumper boats

For water bumper boats, we use PVC and stainless steel.

PVC: light; wear-resistant; Impact-resistant; weather-resistant; resistant to acid, alkali and salt corrosion; waterproof; eco-friendly.

Stainless steel: we use 304 stainless steel that is corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant. Therefore, it is suitable for using at sea.

detail drawing of the water gun of electric bumper boat

The production process

Every step of the production process is under strict supervision. Our dedicated workers are committed to provide you with the best water bumper car rides.

What is the power supply method for bumper boats?

The bumper boats for sale are powered by lithium batteries. The rider controls the direction and speed of the boat by operating the steering wheel. The battery takes 6-8 hours to fully charge and can be used for 8-10 hours. You can charge it at night and let riders ride it during the day.

details of the charging port of electric bumper boat

Our company is a professional water bumper cars manufacturer, and we have many export and production experience. Every year our bumper cars for water are exported to USA, England, Egypt, Swaziland, France, India, Korea, Japan, Spain, Pakistan, etc. In addition, as a professional amusement rides manufacturer, our company also manufacture and sell self-control plane, crazy dance, merry go round, Ferris wheel, flying chair, teacup ride, pendulum, mechanical plane, mechanical bull, disco tagada ride, happy jellyfish, energy storm ride, roller coaster, trackless trains, pirate ship, and so on. If you are interested in our spinning rides, please contact with us to know more details.

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