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What material can you use to produce merry go round ride for sale?

We use 5 mm fiberglass to manufacture merry go round’s appearance, horses, decorations, and so on. Besides, we use Q235 steel to produce carousel ride’s frame. And we use other materials to make carousel amusement rides. Thus, my friends, you don’t worry, and our carousel horse rides’ quality is high.

How many styles carousel horse rides can you provide for me?

There are vintage carousel ride, sea carousel, European style carousel ride, animal theme merry go round, luxury fairground carousel ride, and so on. Additionally, if you need to customize merry go round horse ride, we provide you customized style carousel amusement park ride.

What functions does your carousel ride have? Can you explain it?

Our carousel ride has music function, LED lights. When the carousel horse ride rotates with music and LED lights, it is attractive. Besides, it has control cabinet to adjust its speed, opening and stopping.

How to transport merry go round amusement ride? How much does it cost?

About transportation, we use shipping to transport merry go round ride. When you order spinning horse ride, you need tell us your country. In general, we transport it from our country to your nearby port.

Besides, the cost of different capacity carousel ride from our country to different ports is different. Thus, if you want to know its shipping cost, please contact us to know.

What sizes of merry go round rides do you have? Can you introduce?

We produce and sell 3 horse carousel ride, 6 seats carousel ride, 12 seats carousel horse ride, 16 seats merry go round, 24 seats amusement carousel ride, 30 seats carousel amusement ride, 36 seats carousel merry go round for sale, customized merry go round rides, and so on. More details, please contact us!

How long is your carousel merry go round ride’s warranty?

Generally speaking, our carousel ride’s warranty is 12 months. Certainly, as a professional and reputable factory, we also provide you lifelong technology support. My friends, you don’t worry. Our merry go round is so high-quality that it doesn’t go wrong easily.

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