What is disco ride?

Disco tagada is a thrilling spinning amusement ride, which is popular in the amusement parks, indoor, outdoor. Certainly, disco tagada ride is designed to simulate the experience of a disco dance floor, with riders sitting in a circular platform that moves up and down and spins around.

How does a Tagada ride work?

During this tagada ride working, its platform moves up and down in a random pattern, while music plays and lights flash. Then, its circular platform can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Is the Tagada ride safe?

Tagada ride is a high safety amusement park ride that can bring children and adults thrilling and exciting feelings. Our company uses best material: fiberglass and PVC to manufacture this rotary ride. Thus, disco ride is high safety and high quality.

Is tagada disco easy to install in the amusement park?

Tagada fair ride’s installation is easy. why? Because we prepare professional guide about installation. Certainly, we also provide you professional installation video to help you to install.

How to operate and control tagada disco ride for sale?

Tagada amusement ride operates through a combination of mechanical and hydraulic systems. Besides, because we prepare control box to open and close disco tagada ride, you can easily operate and control it.

How many styles disco tagada rides for sale?

There are large disco tagada ride and mini disco ride for sale. For example, 2.2 m disco ride, 4 m tagada amusement ride, 5m disco ride for sale, and customized tagada disco for sale. All in all, whatever sizes tagada amusement park ride, we can meet your requirement.

How much does disco tagada ride for sale cost?

Our company can give you a factory price. To sum up, our disco tagada ride for sale is high quality and its price is affordable. If you want to know specific price, please contact us.