Why more and more customers choose us to buy spinning amusement rides? There are several reasons:


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First, our company, Dinis, manufactures many attractive amusement rides for sale.

As a professional amusement park rides manufacturer, our company manufactures high-quality spinning playground rides, including wave swinger ride for sale, amusement park airplane ride, carousel merry go round for sale, vintage merry go round for sale, 360-degree pendulum ride for sale, ferris wheel for sale, mechanical bull ride, tea cup ride for sale, waltzer ride, energy storm ride, paratrooper ride for sale, spinning bumper car for sale, space roller ride, and so on.

Second, produced by fiberglass, our rotating rides are high quality.

Manufactured by fiberglass and Q235 steel, our spinning amusement ridee are high quality. Besides, our fiberglass material fairground spinning rides that are produced through 8 production processes are environmental-friendly, durable, attractive, and bright. Thus our amusement park rides are suitable for your amusement parks, funfair, and other places. All in all, our amusement equipment are high quality, which can’t be damaged easily in daily use.

Third, our company have 20 years experience in manufacturing spinning park equipment.

Our company Dinis has been built more than 20 years, and we have finished many orders during 20 years. Therefore, we have enough production experience in children rides, family rides, thrilling rides, spinning rides, and so on. By the way, our company has professional production groups, professional fiberglass workshop, painting workshop, baking paint workshop, steel workshop, installation workshop, and manufacturing factory, and so on.

Fourth, we have many professional certifications about amusement equipment production.

as a professional spinning fairground rides factory, our company fits international standard well. How to see whether one factory fits standard or not? You can know about the company’s certifications. For example, our company gets many professional certifications, including CE, ISO. Certainly, our workers also get professional certifications. Therefore, you can trust us and buy spinning amusement park rides in our company without any worry.

Fifth, providing you customized services to help you customize spinning fairground rides.

When you decide to customize an amusement equipment that only owns yourself, our company provides you customized service. Then, what can you customize? You can customize amusement park spinning ride’s logo, color, capacity, theme, decorations, and so on. For instance, if you want to customize merry go round ride’s seats, our company can provide all kinds of shaped seats for your choice. All in all, whatever spinning amusement park rides you want, our company can meet your requirement.

Sixth, spinning rides manufactured in our company have an affordable price.

As we all know, our company has our own factory, which can produce many high quality spinning rides amusement park. Frankly, you can get high quality kids amusement rides, family rides, spinning rides from our factory. Most importantly, we can give you a factory price. In addition, we will give you a discount during our purchasing activities. To sum up, you can get high quality and affordable spinning fairground rides from our company.

All in all, when you start a spinning funfair ride business, our company is the best choice for you. By the way, our company also provide you park design service. If you want to build small or large amusement parks in your city, please contact us.